Wood County Junior Livestock Show moving to videos, broilers go online


The Wood County Junior Livestock Show, scheduled April 2-4, was initially postponed and then moved to an online model.

The county’s ag teachers got together Tuesday, March 31 with all the entries for the poultry show and held an online event.

The broilers were exhibited and judged, and the event was broadcast via livestream on social media.

Up to 160 viewers were tuned in at one point.

Remaining shows are being conducted with students sending in two-minute videos of them showing their animals. 

Deadline to submit videos to ag teachers for judging is April 13.

The final poultry results are as follows:

  • 1-Michael Miller, Wood County 4-H (grand champion)
  • 2-Crimson Bryant, Alba Golden FFA (reserve champion)
  • 3-Kennedi Elmore, Quitman FFA
  • 4-Lexi Williams, Hawkins FFA
  • 5-Emmily Vega, Mineola FFA
  • 6-Londyn Wilson, Hawkins FFA
  • 7-Bree Allie Rolen, Alba Golden FFA
  • 8-Kaylie Roberts, Mineola FFA
  • 9-Pepper Barns, Mineola FFA
  • 10-Levi Goforth, Wood County 4-H
  • 11-Luke Wernecke, Mineola FFA
  • 12-Alan De Gorostiza, Wood County 4-H
  • 13-Will Louderman, Wood County 4-H
  • 14-Bree Allie Rolen, Alba Golden FFA
  • 15-Mia Vega, Mineola FFA
  • 16-Justine Brianna Peterson, Alba Golden FFA
  • 17-Ari Nivison, Alba Golden FFA
  • 18-Dalton Crowson, Mineola FFA
  • 19-Andrew Vega, Mineola FFA
  • 20-Kathyleen Vega, Mineola FFA
  • 21-Luke Goforth, Wood County 4-H
  • 22-Paizlee Swanner, Wood County 4-H
  • 23-Cole McKinney, Mineola FFA
  • 24-Alex Petty, Winnsboro FFA
  • 25-Jacob Esquivel, Mineola FFA
  • 26-Eric Cawthron, Winnsboro FFA

Buckle sponsors:

Grand champion-Acker Poultry Supply

Reserve champion-Big Country Farm Center