Wood County Sheriff’s Report

Posted 1/27/22

January 12

Deputy Brad Cox had a request to speak regarding possible theft of a motorcycle. The party advised her son had a motorcycle shipped from out of state and has not arrived. The party was …

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Wood County Sheriff’s Report


January 12

Deputy Brad Cox had a request to speak regarding possible theft of a motorcycle. The party advised her son had a motorcycle shipped from out of state and has not arrived. The party was advised they would need to contact the agency that shipped the motorcycle.

Deputy Linda Williams responded to PR 5938 for damaged property. The party advised they were contacted by another law enforcement agency that recovered his trailer. He wanted to report damage to the camper. Video footage was available from the location where the camper was stolen. The case will be forwarded to the Criminal Investigation Division (CID).

Deputy Williams was dispatched to a call of a dead cow in a pasture on CR 4287. The party advised that his neighbor has been dumping dead cows next to his fence line. The neighbor was contacted and advised of the appropriate way to dispose of the carcasses.

Deputy Rapp took a lobby report of fraud. The party stated she was advised of an account that was opened in her name without her permission. The report will be filed for future reference.

Sgt. Heather Bailey had a dog bite report on CR 1728. Contact was made with the dog owner. The dog was placed under a 10-day quarantine and a citation was issued for being unable to provide proof of rabies vaccinations.

Deputy Jim Rapp was advised of a possible illegal dumping on CR 4890. Someone stated there was an RV at the location dumping sewage on the ground. No RV was located.

Deputy Rapp received a message regarding someone wanting to report illegal dumping. The individual stated her neighbors have been dumping trash for the past five years and it is an ongoing problem. Rapp advised the complainant that he would check on the matter.

Deputy Williams took a report in the lobby of the Sheriff’s Office. An individual reported military paperwork stolen from his residence. He was able to give a possible suspect.

Deputy Jefferey Baldwin had a call on CR 3400 of an animal complaint. The party was upset that his dogs follow the neighbor’s dog home and he has to go get them. The neighbor was contacted and advised that his dog was going over to the other house eating their dog food. Deputy Cox also took a call at the location for the same thing.

Deputy Rapp investigated about 20 tires dumped on FM 49.

Deputy Rapp took a disturbance call on CR 2375. The party stated he and his 15-year-old cousin were arguing about the juvenile having to clean his room. Rapp spoke with the juvenile and no charges were filed.

Deputy Jefferey Baldwin investigated possible gunshots on PR 6645. While in the area, he observed fireworks. He was not able to make contact due to a locked gate.

Deputy Baldwin spoke with an individual on FM 49. The complainant advised his cow had been attacked by several dogs from across the street. Baldwin observed three dogs covered in blood. He spoke with the homeowner who advised they were not his dogs but he was watching them for the owner. He was advised of the dangerous dog process and was told he needed to attempt to find a way to contain them.

Deputy Rapp received a call of trash being dumped on CR 3457. Mail was found with a name and address. Constable John McQueen made contact.  The individual was advised if the trash was not cleaned up, a citation would be issued.

Deputies responded to eight estray animal calls and one agency assist call.

January 13

Deputy Rapp was advised of some tires being illegally dumped on CR 3600. The tires were removed for proper disposal.

Deputy Rapp met with an individual who wanted to report 19 tires stolen from his property. He was advised the tires were removed from the side of the roadway for abatement issues. He was advised where the tires were taken and told if he kept tires, they could not be stored where water would collect.

Deputy Cox was dispatched to CR 2290 for criminal mischief. The party stated someone broke into a building. The same suspect also spray painted words on items. There were damaged items inside the building. The case will be forwarded to CID.

Deputy Williams responded to Coker Lane for a theft. The party stated his power washer was stolen from his residence. The case will be forwarded to CID.

Deputy Cox was notified of a lobby call for a theft. The party stated he paid someone to store his vehicle on their property. He stated he did not give the other person permission to use the vehicle. He wished to file charges.

Deputy Rapp was called to a residence on CR 2302 for illegal dumping. Photos were taken and notification was given to the property owner.

Deputy Cox was dispatched to a fire on CR 2700. The homeowner stated he was burning debris in his yard when he had a medical issue and had to go inside. When he returned, his shed, grass and a vehicle had caught fire.

Deputy Rapp took a call on CR 2297. Rapp found an RV on fire. The fire marshal arrived and took over the scene.

Deputies had one estray animal call and one agency assist call.

January 14

Sgt. Jaclyn Skinner and Deputy Jefferey Whisenhunt were dispatched to FM 17 for a domestic disturbance. The victim stated she was assaulted by her live-in boyfriend. No arrest was made as the suspect was no longer at the scene.

Sgt. Austin Milbourn was out with a burned pop-up camper in the roadway on CR 2100. The camper was impounded.

Deputy Andrew Rapp and Sgt. Milbourn had a suicidal subject on FM 2869. The individual was taken to the hospital for evaluation.

Deputy Andrew Morrison took a request to speak regarding an eviction. Prec. 1 constable was notified.

Deputy Rapp had a fire call on CR 2112. He found a fire that contained tree limbs and pine needles. The complainant was contacted and advised the fire was not a hazard and did not contain anything illegal.

Deputy Rapp took a report of criminal mischief on CR 2425. The party stated someone has run over her fence. While Rapp was on scene, the subject arrived and stated he accidentally hit the fence and would be repairing it.

Deputy Morrison filed a report of scam from CR 4790. The party stated she had been sending money to multiple people for a grant.

Deputy Rapp had an assault after the fact on CR 2503. The victim stated her landlord tried to push her yesterday but did not make contact. The dispute was over rent. Since no assault occurred, no charges were filed.

Deputies took two estray animal calls.

January 15

Deputy Jonah Croney took a suspicious person call. When he arrived on PR 7477, he found a subject asleep in front of their house. They denied needing medical assistance.

Deputy Rapp responded to Hwy. 37 for criminal trespass and theft of property. The party stated someone claiming to be with the Railroad Commission arrived and stated they were picking up pipe that belonged to them. The land owner did not want them on the property or taking the pipe. They were advised this was a civil issue.

Sgt. Milbourn received a call of a trailer and hay in the roadway on Hwy. 69. There was no trailer, but the hay was moved out of the lane of travel. TxDOT picked up the hay.

January 16

Deputy Delton Graves went to Hwy. 154 for a structure fire. He was informed that the residents had a fire in the fireplace and noticed smoke coming from the wall behind the fireplace. This will be filed as an incident report.

Deputy John Cooper was notified of multiple RV trailers on fire on Hwy. 154. The fire marshal was notified and arrived on scene.

Deputy Rapp and Sgt. Milbourn assisted a suicidal subject on PR 7221. The individual agreed to go to the hospital for evaluation. He later checked himself out of the hospital and returned home.

Deputy Rapp and Sgt. Milbourn were sent to CR 2210 for a physical disturbance. The suspect admitted to punching his 14-year-old brother in the face. Christopher Sean Grant, 18, of Mineola, was arrested for injury to a child/elderly/disabled individual.

Deputies responded to one agency assist call.

January 17

Deputy Graves took a report in the lobby of the Sheriff’s Office. A man and his wife reported their 13-year-old daughter had met a 13-year-old boy on Snapchat and began talking to him. When the mother read through some of the messages, she became concerned with the true identity of the individual.  They looked online and found out the phone number possibly belonged to a 50-year-old from another county. The case will be forwarded to CID.

Deputy Jim Rapp was contacted by an individual on CR 2297. The caller was asking about clean-up from a fire. Rapp told him he would check on the clean-up efforts.

Deputy Rapp spoke with an individual regarding a trailer that had burned several years ago. The property is now a “junk pile.” Rapp stated he would check into it.

Deputy Rapp spoke with someone concerning a house on Hwy. 49 with excess trash in the yard. The caller was informed it is being worked on.

Deputy Rapp was dispatched to call an individual concerning the theft of a goose-neck trailer. The trailer was entered into the national data base and the case was forwarded to CID.

Deputy Rapp took a lobby call concerning a suspicious circumstance. The party wanted to report his neighbor’s tractor missing. Since he is unsure if the owner took the trailer, they just wish to report it for information purposes.

Deputy Williams made contact with an individual who had been reported as missing from Oklahoma. The individual stated she was in Texas on her own will and was not in danger or being abused.

Deputy Cox responded to Lake Holbrook for a load of sand that had been dumped on the boat ramp, blocking access to the ramp. He will be doing follow-up investigation.

Deputy Matthew Cooper spoke with an individual who advised her juvenile son’s Facebook pictures are being used by older individuals to talk to under-age girls. Due to Facebook being a public site, she was advised it was not illegal for people to use photographs from it. She was advised she could go through the account and make it private.

Deputies responded to one estray animal call and two agency assist calls.

January 18

Sgt. Jeremy Ragsdale had a request to speak regarding a scam. The individual stated he was contacted by an unknown person wanting to meet at the local sheriff’s office to sign paperwork. It was determined to be a scam and an incident report was submitted.

Sgt. Jeremy Ragsdale took a lobby call regarding burglary of a habitation. The party reported a firearm stolen. The firearm was entered into the national system and the case was forwarded to CID.

Deputy Rapp and Prec. 3 Constable John McQueen were on CR 3420 looking for an illegal dumping site. They were attempting to make contact with someone who lived in the area and located a stolen vehicle. The truck was impounded and a report was made.

Deputy Benjamin Whisenhunt took a report of a runaway. The juvenile’s grandmother stated she has not seen him since Sunday, and he was not answering his phone. While out looking for the juvenile, Whisenhunt was advised by the juvenile’s father that he was observed walking down the road by a friend. That friend picked him up and returned him home safely.

Deputies responded to one estray animal call and two agency assist calls.