Wood County Sheriff’s Report

Posted 2/17/22

February 2

Sgt. Jaclyn Skinner responded to Hwy. 37 for a disturbance. Several people were in a disagreement over one of the parties moving out. Prior to Skinner’s arrival, the instigating …

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Wood County Sheriff’s Report


February 2

Sgt. Jaclyn Skinner responded to Hwy. 37 for a disturbance. Several people were in a disagreement over one of the parties moving out. Prior to Skinner’s arrival, the instigating party left; no charges were filed.

Deputy Jefferey Baldwin went to Hwy. 154 for a verbal disturbance. Both parties were intoxicated. Neither wished to pursue charges. Parties were separated for the evening.

Deputy Jonah Croney spoke with an individual who believed there was suspicious activity on her property on PR 4470 and would be in contact if she finds anything missing.

Deputy Andrew Morrison, Sgt. Austin Milbourn and several Investigators with the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) responded to CR 3600 for a report of someone shooting windows out of a vehicle and residence. The case will continue to be investigated.

Deputies conducted welfare concerns for individuals who missed appointments with their physicians. All individuals were contacted.

Deputy Andrew Rapp issued a criminal trespass warning on Hwy. 37 when a business owner advised an ex-employee was at the location causing problems.

Deputy Delton Graves contacted an individual who advised she was attempting to turn around when she got stuck. She was waiting for her family to assist her.

Deputy John Cooper was advised of a structure fire on CR 3114. He spoke with a resident. The Wood County fire marshal and Red Cross were contacted.

Deputy Melissa Pollard, Deputy Graves and Sgt. Corbin Hanner attempted warrant service on CR 3250.  Anita Fay Britton, 25, of Quitman was located in a vehicle and arrested for an outstanding warrant. When contact was made with the other individuals in the vehicle, a strong odor of marijuana was discovered and a search was conducted. Johnny Kevin Crawford, 20, of Arp, was arrested for possession of a controlled substance penalty group (PG) one more than one gram and less than four grams. Alanna Elaine Ramsey, 27, of Arp, was arrested for possession of marijuana, two ounces or less.

Deputy Morrison checked an alarm on FM 1795. He found things to be secure. Contact was made with the key holder.

Deputy Rapp observed a female walking down Hwy. 37. She stated she was trying to get to work but didn’t have a vehicle. Due to deteriorating weather conditions, she was given a courtesy transport.

February 3

Deputy Morrison was dispatched to PR 7521 for a disturbance after the fact. The reporting party stated she and her fiancé had gotten into a verbal altercation that had escalated. The other party left prior to Morrison’s arrival. A report will be filed for future reference.

Deputy Andrew Rapp spoke with an individual who wanted it documented that her neighbor’s dog has been aggressive and attempted to get into her fence. She stated she knew her rights and only wished to have the event documented.

Deputy Croney and Deputy Morrison responded to an assault after the fact on Hwy. 154. The party stated she went to a relative’s residence and they would not allow her in. She stated she was pushed.  She wished the incident to be documented.

February 4

Deputy Pollard responded to an alarm call on CR 2248. Contact was made with the homeowner who confirmed everything was OK.

Deputy Jim Rapp and Deputy Brad Cox went to a residence regarding someone beating in the residence.  They found nothing suspicious.

Sgt. Heather Bailey was dispatched to FM 312 for a criminal trespass. The party stated his wife recently passed away and he was having problems with family. He asked that a family member be criminally trespassed. A criminal trespass warning was issued.

Deputy Linda Williams took a report of youths driving 4-wheelers in the roadway. The area was patrolled and no 4-wheelers were located.

Deputy Cox had a welfare check on CR 3473, where he found a tent, which was found empty. An individual was found in a vehicle near the tent. He advised he was staying there for a bit.

Deputy Rapp was contacted regarding the sale of a tractor. The party stated about two months ago, a man paid cash for a tractor. He has not come to pick up the tractor. She was wanting the tractor off her property. She was advised how she could handle the situation.

Deputy Cox attempted to check the welfare of an individual on FM 3056. He was informed that the individual did not live at that location any more. He was able to make contact with family, who advised the man was fine and would have him make contact with the party as soon as he returned home.

Deputy Williams and Sgt. Bailey were dispatched to a disturbance on FM 515. The reporting stated she and her boyfriend had been arguing all day. She began to cut a tomato and he got mad because she was cutting it wrong and threw a remote control at her, hitting her. They got into a physical altercation and he choked her. When the victim attempted to call 911, he grabbed the phone and smashed it. A warrant was issued by CID and Whalen Leo Roach, 44, of Winnsboro, was arrested for assault family/house member Impede breath/circulation and interference with an emergency call.

Deputy Matthew Cooper and Sgt. Skinner responded to a structure fire with someone inside on FM 1801. It was found there was no fire.

Deputy Cooper checked a suspicious circumstance on CR 2232. It was a tree cutting crew attempting to get vehicles unstuck.

Sgt. Skinner was on routine patrol in Alba when she heard an audible alarm from a business. She checked the business and did not observe any signs of forced entry. Alba Police Department was notified.

February 5

Deputy Benjamin Whisenhunt took a call of suspicious circumstances on FM 1799. The party stated someone knocked on her door but no one was there. She requested Whisenhunt check the area. No one was located.

Deputy Jim and Deputy Cox responded to an alarm on FM 2869. The business was checked and found secure.

Deputy Rapp was advised of a request to speak regarding harassment. The party stated he is getting inappropriate messages from a spoofed phone number. His girlfriend has been separated from her husband for several years. He and his girlfriend believe her husband is the one sending the messages.  The case will be forwarded to CID.

Deputy Cox and Sgt. Bailey went to CR 3600 for shots fired. Dispatch advised they were able to hear shots being fired while on the phone with the party, who stated there were two people on the property actively trying to break into the residence and breaking the windows. Contact was made with two individuals outside the residence. They advised they were there to pick up some of their property. The female stated she attempted to use a key to enter the residence and found it would not work. She then tried to break out a window when she was fired upon by people inside the residence. The individuals advised they were there when they observed the other parties pull in the driveway. The female started breaking windows attempting to gain entry. One individual admitted to firing rounds at the female because they were in fear for their life. Joe Nathan Lightfoot, 64, of Lindale was arrested for criminal mischief more than $2,500 and less than $30K. Debra Diane Miller, 64, of Lindale was arrested for criminal mischief more than $2,500 and less than $30K. Investigator Ragsdale interviewed Lightfoot about an incident Feb. 2 and was able to obtain two arrest warrants for deadly conduct and criminal mischief more than $750 and less than $2,500.

Deputy Williams responded to CR 1461 regarding damaged property. The party advised his brick mailbox was knocked over earlier in the morning. The case will be submitted to CID.

Deputy Rapp was dispatched to a structure fire on FM 2869. The Wood County fire marshal was contacted.

Deputy Rapp received a report of a possible suicidal subject. The party could not give a location of the subject but did provide a phone number. Rapp attempted to contact the subject but was unable. The party was contacted and notified of these efforts.

Deputy Whisenhunt and Sgt. Skinner took a suspicious person call on CR 3542. Two individuals were reportedly walking down the road asking residents for money. They advised they were trying to buy a pizza and asked a couple of people for money. Whisenhunt transported the subjects home due to the cold weather.

Deputy Baldwin had an active disturbance on CR 1807. Dispatch advised a female was trying to force entry into the residence. The suspect had broken out a bedroom window while on the phone with dispatch. The suspect stated she and the party were in an argument when he pushed her down. She then hit him. The party told Baldwin he had friends over and they had been drinking. When they left, the suspect became upset because of the friends. She attempted to take his cell phone, and he held up his left arm to prevent her access. She then hit him continuously. He admitted grabbing her by her hair, pulling her away from him. Taylor Kathleen Randall, 37, of Yantis, was arrested for assault by contact family/household member/dating relationship.

Deputy Cooper and Sgt. Skinner had a disturbance on CR 2164. The person stated there was a party at the location and things got out of hand. They heard screaming, crashing and banging from inside a camper. They found two individuals in a physical altercation. After the two were separated and detained, the deputies located a third person in the roadway, who was also detained. No one wanted to press charges. Due to the level of intoxication, Brittany Ann Robbins, 21, of Forney was arrested for public intoxication.

Deputy Whisenhunt and Sgt. Skinner had a disturbance on CR 2427. A physical altercation had occurred between a man, his wife and their son. Both individuals still on scene advised they did not need medical services. The case will be forwarded to CID.

Deputy Cooper responded to CR 2112 for a reported SUV driving around with no lights stopping in front of houses. He checked the area and did not locate anything.

February 6

Deputy Baldwin had an alarm call on FM 515. He checked the area and there were no signs of forced entry. The building was secure.

Deputy Cooper checked an alarm on FM 779. The buildings were secure. Everything appeared secure.

February 7

Sgt. Milbourn received a call from dispatch regarding a structure fire on CR 4849. The Wood County fire marshal was contacted.

Deputy Andrew Rapp took a call regarding a civil issue between two individuals. The party advised she has been living at the residence for a long time and her common law spouse placed all her belongings on the front porch.  

February 8

Deputy Pollard spoke to an individual who stated her 17-year-old daughter had not come home after school. The daughter had contacted the Sheriff’s Office and advised she was fine and with a friend but had gotten in trouble at school and did not want to go home. The party was contacted and the information passed on.

Deputy Pollard spoke with an individual who stated she sent money through an app to an individual to purchase a vehicle. The agreement was that the vehicle would be delivered over the weekend and had not been delivered. The other party was contacted and stated the agreement was that the vehicle would be delivered when they were able to purchase another vehicle since it took so long for payment. The party was contacted and advised of the conversation. It is a civil issue.

Deputy Rapp was dispatched to an address on CR 1570 for a dispute. He had spoken to both parties the day before. One individual advised they were assaulted while trying to get property from the residence. A citation was issued for assault by contact.

Deputy Morrison did a welfare check on an individual who made statements to a family member that caused concern. The individual stated they were fine but would not meet with Morrison to confirm they were fine.

Deputy Croney met with an individual in the lobby of the Sheriff’s Office regarding a scam. The subject stated he had received a telephone call and a text message telling him he had a warrant out for his arrest and would need to make a payment. No money was sent, but he wished to have it reported for future reference.

Deputy Rapp took a request to speak regarding being able to place No Trespassing signs on private property.

Deputy Croney checked on an alarm on CR 1260. Contact was made with the keyholder.

Deputy Bonnie Sepulvado and Deputy Jim Rapp were dispatched to PR 7221 regarding damaged property. The party wanted to document an incident of her bedroom door being broken by her son. No charges were filed.

Deputy Morrison received a complaint of an abundance of trash being collected at a residence. Morrison passed the information on to the litter abatement officer.

Deputy Croney had a request to speak in the lobby of the Sheriff’s Office. The party stated he received a text message after losing his residence to a fire. The message was suspicious regarding the fire. He was advised to contact the fire marshal. He stated he only wished to have the information documented.

Deputy Croney spoke with an out-of-state law enforcement agency regarding someone moving into the county with a dog that had been deemed a dangerous dog. The officer was advised the dog would need to be registered with the justice of the peace in the appropriate precinct.

Deputy Croney took a lobby call regarding domestic violence. The party stated her husband has been emotionally and physically abusive to her for the past several years. She stated she recently moved from another state in attempt to get away from him. She reported being assaulted by him. Warrants were obtained, and John Paul Charo, 33, of McKinney was arrested for assault family/household member impeding breath/circulation.

Deputy Croney had a request to speak in the lobby of the Sheriff’s Office. The individual had questions regarding an emergency protective order.

Deputy Pollard was dispatched to CR 2153 regarding a toddler being located on the roadway. She was able to speak with a family member, who stated they were in the garage when he ran inside for a second. When he came back out, the child was missing and he immediately started looking for her. The child was released to the family member and a report was filed for future reference.

Deputy Pollard responded to Hwy. 154 for a civil matter. The party advised she wanted an individual off her property. She had been leasing the property and had not yet been evicted. All parties advised the issue was civil and they would have to go through the appropriate steps to complete an eviction.