Wood County Sheriff’s Report

Posted 2/24/22

February 9

Deputy Delton Graves and Sgt. Corbin Hanner, subject refusing to leave property on Sioux. Individual criminally trespassed from location. Jerry Brent Toney, 28, arrested for criminal …

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Wood County Sheriff’s Report


February 9

Deputy Delton Graves and Sgt. Corbin Hanner, subject refusing to leave property on Sioux. Individual criminally trespassed from location. Jerry Brent Toney, 28, arrested for criminal trespass.

Deputy Graves, FM 852, verbal disturbance. Call concerned CPS removing child from one parent and giving to other parent. Reporting party uncooperative and other not wishing to pursue charges, incident filed.

Sgt. Heather Bailey and Deputy Linda Williams, inquest, CR 1570. Funeral home and justice of peace contacted.

Deputy Brad Cox, abandoned vehicle, CR 3440, off roadway, not able to locate anyone in area, owner contacted, advised would have vehicle removed.

Deputy Williams, individual received call and wanted documented, number showed to be from Texas Health, asking about electric bill and wanted credit card information. No personal information given.

Deputy Jim Rapp, welfare check, CR 3250, everything OK.

Deputy Williams, alarm, CR 4839, house checked, locked with no signs of break in or forced entry, message left.

Deputy Cox, three four-wheelers tearing up beach area of Lake Hawkins, left prior to arrival.

Deputy Cox, CR 3440, golf cart had mechanical problems, helped push out of roadway and gave courtesy ride to residence.

Deputy Jim Rapp, welfare check, Hwy. 37, man walking to store and home.

Deputy Jeff Baldwin, CR 1660, aggressive dogs, owner advised dogs reported as aggressive and to keep dogs on property. Dangerous dog form provided.

Deputy Baldwin, CR 3860, noxious odor from FM 778, determined source of smell and would contact litter abatement officer.

February 10

Deputy Cox, vehicle abandoned, blocking traffic, Hwy. 37, removed by wrecker service.

Deputy Rapp, criminal mischief, fire department, beer bottles thrown in front of fire house bay doors, second incident later in the day, forwarded to Criminal Investigation Division (CID).

Deputy Rapp, criminal trespass, Hwy. 69, man sitting in vehicle, claimed looking for different address, noticed front door open and man took off. Three firearms located in front yard. CID contacted.

Deputy Rapp, individual concerned neighbor pushing debris from burned house too close to roadway, advised cleanup crew coming in the next week.

Deputy Rapp, citizen concerned with people on property.

Deputy Williams, harassment report, PR 8692, vehicle sped up to throw rocks on people walking, previous harassment from suspect, no one home at suspect residence.

Deputy Cox, welfare concern Hwy. 37, individual on side of road in wheelchair, unable to locate.

Sgt. Investigator Jeremy Ragsdale, CR 1600, multiple tools missing from barn, referred to CID.

Deputy Rapp, individual whose dog was reportedly ill, dog has a tumor causing disfiguration, is on medication.

Deputy Matthew Cooper, credit card abuse, step-daughter used credit card without permission, did not wish to press charges but have incident filed.

Deputy Baldwin, CR 1576, purchased item, has not been provided, requested refund, advised to contact justice of peace for civil issue.

Deputy Cooper, CR 1660, dangerous dogs, attacked animals, several complaints.

Deputy Cooper, individual requested tornado siren in or near property.

Sgt. Ragsdale, inquest, CR 3455, funeral home and justice of peace contacted.

February 11

Deputy Andrew Morrison, CR 4580, tenants moved out of property, left dogs, owners advised would pick up.

Deputy Morrison, harassment call, PR 8692, suspect threw rocks while subjects walking and other things, report forwarded to CID.

Deputy Andrew Rapp, FM 49, animals seemed to be in good health, two dogs kept on chains, unable to contact owner.

Sgt. Austin Milbourn, Loop 564, alarm, building secure, appeared abandoned.

Deputies Rapp and Morrison, Birchwood Ln., suicidal subject, refused to go with EMS, deputies transported to hospital.

Deputy Rapp, assault, CR 3250, granddaughter assaulted by boyfriend, criminal trespass warning issued.

Deputy Morrison, FM 515, questions about emergency protective order against husband.

Sgt. Milbourn and Deputy Morrison, animal call, CR 1700, multiple deceased cows, CID contacted.

Sgt. Milbourn, welfare check, Apache, individual found deceased, funeral home and justice of peace notified.

Deputy John Cooper and Sgt. Hanner, verbal disturbance, CR 3144, intoxicated suspect threatened deputies. Donald James Farris, 34, of Sulphur Springs arrested for aggravated assault against a public servant (x2) and resisting arrest/detention.

Sgt. Milbourn, critically missing elderly individual drove away from Yantis residence, deputies from another agency located.

February 12

Deputy Morrison, animal call, CR 1975, dogs’ living arrangements did not meet Texas law requirements, verbal warning, told further action would be taken if situation not corrected.

Sgt. Milbourn, advised neighbor burning leaves, smoke coming on property, advised no burn ban in effect.

Deputy Rapp, civil issue, subjects getting divorce, man looking for place to stay, met individual selling RV on social media, has not been able to make contact to gain possession of the trailer.

Sgt. Milbourn, CR 2660, someone shooting, subjects located and observed shooting safely.

Deputy Rapp collected found property at Yantis business.  

Deputy Melissa Pollard, possible terroristic threat, man threatening bodily harm to subject, family and extended family, forwarded to CID.

February 13

Deputy Pollard, warrant service, Wanda Drive. Jeffery Hawkins, 56, Winnsboro arrested for outstanding warrant.

Deputy Pollard, warrant service, PR 5860. Leonard Joseph Huber, 72, of Yantis arrested for outstanding warrant.

Deputy Morrison, PR 7912, welfare check, subject’s son outside with knife attempting to get people who were not there, transported to hospital for evaluation.

Deputy Jonah Croney, dog bite, CR 1570, victim walking by residence, several dogs came at her. She got past them but on way back, they came at her again and bit her. Owner unable to provide vaccine documentation, citation issued.

Deputy Morrison, subject’s step-daughter and boyfriend wanted some property, left prior to deputy arrival, requested incident documented.

Deputy Rapp, harassment, subject’s friend giving away puppies, agreed to give her one. The friend started telling her how to care for puppies and tried to take back puppy. The friend threatened to take her to court. Told friend to stop contacting her, but more messages, wanted information documented.

Deputy Jonah Croney, animal report, Lloyd St., dogs came at subject but never bit him, did not know who dogs belonged to. Croney spoke with neighbors who also had issues with dogs, believed to be strays. Dogs relocated and could not be found again.

Deputy Pollard, disturbance, Cheyenne, subject assaulted by boyfriend, during verbal argument another person was pushed into bathtub full of clothes, parties separated, no charges filed.

Deputy Pollard, possible theft, man took property that belonged to subject’s grandson, who gave permission to take it. No charges.

Deputy John Cooper, Sgt. Hanner and Deputy Pollard, Main St., disturbance. Subject and girlfriend had altercation. Drucilla Fay McGary, 34, of Yantis arrested for assault causes bodily injury – family violence.

Deputy Pollard, assault, PR 7631. Subject stated two individuals came to room to talk about rumor started by one of them earlier in the week. They began a heated argument, and physical altercation broke out. Victim not cooperative, incident report filed.

February 14

Deputy Williams, theft, subject recently sick, daughter came to care for her. Daughter’s ex-boyfriend also came, numerous things missing from residence, case submitted to CID.

Deputy Jim Rapp, woman needed assistance with son who had mental health incident, broke window. She wanted deputy to take son to be evaluated after he woke up and would call back later.

Sgt. Heather Bailey, theft, campaign sign stolen for third time, forwarded to CID.

Deputy Rapp, vehicle on side of road, passerby advised it was her boss’s vehicle and had a flat.

Deputy Rapp, alarm, CR 2610, doors and windows secure. Keyholder arrived, inside residence checked and found clear.

Deputy Jaclyn Skinner, CR 3147, disturbance, individual refusing to leave, parties going through divorce, advised to contact attorneys.

Deputy Matthew Cooper, civil matter, man living in trailer subject owned and wanted him gone, advised of eviction process.

Deputy Cooper, subject’s ex-husband called at work and threatened her. Cooper spoke with ex-husband, admitted calling her work, stating was discussing real-estate they were involved in, advised to consider communicating through other means. They agreed.

February 15

Deputy Rapp, illegally dumped tires on property, FM 1795, individual stated they would have tires removed this weekend.

Deputy Rapp, unoccupied vehicle, CR 2330, traffic hazard, picked up by wrecker service.

Deputy Rapp, people throwing trash in front of gate.

Deputy Williams, several things missing from property, requested extra patrol.

Deputy Brad Cox, welfare concern, given possible solutions for concerns

Sgt. Bailey, subject purchased item from individual who did not deliver it, wrote check as refund, check found to be insufficient. Follow-up will be made.

Deputy Cox, CR 3689, neighbor’s dog killed subject’s cat, owner of dog informed dog could be deemed dangerous, stated would keep dogs on property.

Deputy Rapp advised of illegal dumping, CR 2600.

Deputy Cox, theft, subject allowed employee to use equipment a month ago, contacted employee, who stated equipment returned already. Subject wished to pursue charges. CID will follow up.

Deputy Williams, unoccupied vehicle, FM 2966, vehicle clear and off roadway.

Deputy Rapp, stolen prescription, subject believes daughter stole medication while out of town, report filed.

Deputy Rapp, garbage dumped on property, located name on piece of mail, will follow up.

Deputy Cooper, attempted theft, CR 2921, someone attempted to steal two dirt bikes from residence, has suspects on camera, forwarded to CID.

Deputy Baldwin and Sgt. Skinner, CR 1660, dogs chasing neighboring children and attacking and killing livestock, issued three citations for failure to vaccinate and dangerous dog notification. Another individual on same property issued two citations for failure to vaccinate and dangerous dog notification for two dogs.

Deputy Baldwin Sgt. Jaclyn Skinner, assault with injuries, PR 7631. Security on scene advised no assistance needed and involved parties did not wish to pursue charges.

Deputy Baldwin, subject’s soon-to-be ex-husband stole vehicle last week, advised was civil matter as they were still legally married.

Deputy Cooper, patrol on Hwy. 37, observed traffic infraction and observed driver chewing something and attempt to take drink. Driver would not open mouth all the way, was found to have baggie containing methamphetamines. Cody Lee McGill, 24, of Quitman, was arrested for possession of controlled substance PG 1 <1g and tamper/fabricate physical evidence.

Deputy Baldwin and Sgt. Skinner, suspicious circumstance, FM 1799, owner of property notified lights on in residence, location checked, found to be secure, no signs of forced entry. Homeowner advised would contact Sheriff’s Office if anything amiss.