Wood County Sheriff’s Report

Posted 10/12/23

September 20

Cpl. Rapp, traffic stop, Hwy. 37; after speaking with driver, no insurance on vehicle, it was towed.

Deputy Kovic, criminal mischief, Hwy. 37; someone entered driveway, hit …

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Wood County Sheriff’s Report


September 20

Cpl. Rapp, traffic stop, Hwy. 37; after speaking with driver, no insurance on vehicle, it was towed.

Deputy Kovic, criminal mischief, Hwy. 37; someone entered driveway, hit motorcycle causing damage, property owner provided possible suspect.

Cpl. Rapp, burglary, CR 3859; someone cut fence, stole side by side, other items, case forwarded to investigations.

September 21

Deputy Kovic, assault, FM 312; victim’s boyfriend threw coffee on her, struck her, case forwarded to investigations.

Deputy Skinner, burglary, CR 3565; property owner had not been home, someone had entered through front door, stole multiple items.

Deputy Kovic, theft, CR 4830; caller hired someone to perform work, did not show up, learned suspect arrested on similar charge previously.

Sgt. Mayer, Cpl. Burdick, Deputy Haley, suspicious person, FM 2966; male in caller’s backyard. Deputies unable to locate anyone in area.

September 22

Sgt. Morrison, Cpl. Croney, suicide, Holly Lake Ranch. Security on scene, located male with apparent gun shot wound to head. 

Lt. Milbourn, Sgt. Morrison, disturbance, Private Road 7477; caller advised disturbance only verbal, no offense occurred. 

Deputy Cato, burglary, CR 3859. Deputies took report on previous day on stolen item, now property owner believes they showed back up but did not take anything.

Deputy Rich, terroristic threat; someone sent caller video threatening to harm him, incident report completed.

September 23

Deputy Cato, disturbance, CR 2110; caller advised group of males showed up at house to fight her son, parties left prior to deputies’ arrival, school they attended was contacted.

Deputy Cato, burn ban violation, FM 3056. No houses or persons located in area of fire, it appeared someone pushed brush pile into trees, report completed.

Sgt. Morrison, Deputy Cato, unauthorized use of motor vehicle, CR 2745; caller advised child’s father took her car keys and vehicle and damaged it. The father, Travis Toledo, located, arrested for unauthorized use of motor vehicle, will be charged for the accident.

Sgt. Williams, Deputy Way, disturbance, Private Road 5948; suspect assaulted father, fled into woods. Deputies located suspect, Brandon Hill, arrested for assault.

Sgt. Williams, Deputy Way, disturbance, CR 1540; suspect started fire in victim’s driveway, attempted to hit him, victim did not wish to pursue charges.

September 24

Deputies, suicidal subject, Alba; subject was not taking medication, causing him to make suicidal statements, transported to receive treatment.

Sgt. Morrison, Cpl. Croney, shots fired, Alba. Deputies located multiple spent shell casings, five bullet holes. Alba chief contacted, Criminal Investigation Division responded. 

Cpl. Smith, Deputy Cato, disturbance, CR 3494; caller’s son having hallucinations, needs treatment, transported to receive treatment.

Sgt. Williams, Deputy Cato, welfare check; caller has not heard from friend in several days, has made suicidal statements, unable to make contact at subject’s residence. 

Sgt. Wiliams, Cpl. Smith, FM 515. Deputies observed stranded boat in water during storms, got boat driver to float to shore where game wardens later assisted in removing boat.

September 25 

Cpl. Rapp, criminal mischief; caller advised someone coming onto property, cutting trees down, report completed.

Deputy Kovic, criminal trespass, Hwy. 154; property owner wanted male trespassed from property, caller’s neighbor also wished to have male trespassed.

Lt Milbourn, Sgt. Cox,, Deputy Kovic, disturbance, FM 17; caller’s friend pepper sprayed him while trying to help her, investigations notified. 

Sgt. Mayer, Cpl. Burdick, warrant service, CR 2168; deputy confirmed wanted person, Kristen Ramirez, inside residence, would not come out, as deputies attempted forced entry, suspect came out, arrested.

Sgt. Mayer, Deputy Comeaux, welfare check, Hwy. 154; caller has not heard from mother in over 24 hours, deputy knocked on bedroom window, heard her, opened window, advised she could not get up, got front door open, transported by EMS.

September 26

Deputy Whisenhunt, identity theft; someone opened account in victim’s name, when victim called company, advised police report needed.

Deputy Kovic; caller had questions concerning child going with father for visit. Deputy contacted Child Protective Services who stated they had two active cases against father, caller advised to contact lawyer.

Deputy Comeaux, vehicle fire, FM 778; owner having mechanical issues, when he looked back, it was on fire, fire marshal notified. 

Cpl. Burdick, theft, CR 3880; someone cut lock to gate, stole trailer; property owner provided possible suspect, case forwarded to investigations.

September 27

Cpl. Croney, fraud; victim advised someone called stating to be with law enforcement, advising that she had over $10,000 in warrants, victim paid the amount through online banking, report completed.

Sgt. Morrison, agency assist, FM 3056. While assisting Adult Protective Services, contact made with Jiles Jaco who had active warrant, placed in custody.

Cpl. Croney, theft; caller advised someone stole propane tank from residence, incident report  completed.

Cpl. Smith, welfare check, Hawkins; subject fled on foot multiple times until deputy able to detain male. Sebastian Sanford arrested for evading arrest.

September 28

Deputy Pollard, theft, Hawkins; caller’s phone stolen the night before, tracked to an address, phone located with possible suspect who advised he thought someone left phone behind, suspect criminally trespassed from victim’s place of work.

Sgt. Morrison, Cpl. Croney, criminal trespass, CR 2275; male kept showing up at caller’s residence unannounced. Deputies located subject at caller’s residence, criminally trespassed him.

Cpl. Smith, traffic stop, FM 14; Adan Perez arrested for DWI.

Deputy Cato, theft, FM 2869; property owner stated vehicle stolen from residence, offense report completed, vehicle entered as stolen.

September 29 

Sgt. Williams, found bull, CR 3147; black bull showed up on caller’s property, could not locate owner. Deputies unable to locate bull’s owner.

Cpl. Rapp, scam; caller advised someone is calling from Jones Water Supply claiming to be them, advising they have bill due. Deputy called both numbers which were no good.

Deputy Way, traffic stop, Hwy. 154; driver Justin Green highly intoxicated, arrested for DWI.

Deputy Comeaux, fire, CR 4532; fire put out without any property damage, incident report completed.

September 30

Cpl. Rapp, scam; caller advised someone calling claiming to be Golden Water, advising bill due. Jones Water Company having same issue. 

Sgt. Cox, Cpl. Rapp, Deputy Kovic, disturbance, CR 2119; male acting aggressively, threatened to stab officers with knife. After male attempted to use knife, placed in custody. Henry Ramos arrested for terroristic threat, aggravated assault against peace officer. 

Sgt. Cox, Cpl. Rapp, disturbance, CR 2280; deputies spoke with both parties, all had conflicting stories, parties separated, incident documented.

Cpl. Burdick, disturbance, CR 3870; suspect admitted swinging at father, Jonathan Lison arrested for assault to prevent further violence.

October 1

Sgt. Cox, request to speak by phone; caller advised husband released from jail, needed his wallet, unable to go to residence due to protection order, deputy retrieved wallet. 

Deputy Kovic, request to speak; male advised wife and son using his social security money, advised if they make future purchases without consent, he could file report. 

Sgt. Cox, Cpl. Rapp, disturbance, Hwy. 69; caller’s son kept threatening him, needed treatment, went with EMS to be evaluated.

October 2

Cpl. Burdick, criminal trespass, FM 2869; suspect, Joshua Jones, had active criminal trespass warning, placed in custody.

Sgt. Mayer, criminal mischief, FM 1483; subjects in area advised someone knocked down multiple road signs, neighbors provided possible suspect.

Sgt Morrison, possible child abuse, Quitman; assistant director of school advised a kid had been gone several weeks, came back with bruises. Child Protective Services notified, advised they would investigate.

Cpl. Smith, Deputy Cato, disturbance, CR 2164; caller advised girlfriend had assaulted him. Misty Wheeler arrested for assault.

October 3

Deputy Cato, Sgt. Ragsdale, intoxicated pedestrian; female admitted using meth earlier in day, showed signs of being impaired. Kristen Stearns arrested for public intoxication.

Deputy Cato, protection order violation; caller advised she had emergency protection order  against someone who is incarcerated, has called her multiple times. Deputies confirmed protection order, offense report completed. 

Deputy Rich, terroristic threat, Winnsboro; victim stated daughter threatened to harm her, burn down house, deputies located suspect who denied making threatening statements. Another female on scene advised suspect assaulted her but had conflicting stories.

Cpl. Smith, shots fired, Hwy. 154; victim advised vehicle went to pass him at high rate of speed, got in front of him, male waved firearm out window, fired one shot, victim not hit by bullet, does not believe vehicle hit, investigations notified.