Wood County Sheriff’s Report, Feb. 1-9

Posted 2/17/21

February 8 - Deputy McKenzie Chandler, along with several other members of the Sheriff’s Office, served a search warrant at a Mineola residence... Jacob Dale Large, 29, of Mineola was arrested on multiple charges, including child endangerment.

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Wood County Sheriff’s Report, Feb. 1-9


February 1

Deputy Brad Cox was dispatched to CR 4570 for an incident report. The reporting party stated he was driving down CR 4570, about a quarter mile from his home, when his passenger side window was shot out. He believed the bullet was a stray from someone shooting in the woods, and he has not had any issues with anyone on the county road. An incident report was completed.

Sgt. Austin Milbourn took a report of an elderly woman who was possibly being scammed. The woman had attempted to send currency through the mail the previous week and she was advised this was against FedEx/UPS rules and she would need to get a money order instead. The woman tried a second time to send the money, telling the clerk her box contained documents. It was learned that the box instead contained $7,500 cash. Milbourn returned the box to the woman at her residence and cautioned her about scams.

February 2

Deputy Michael Allison took a report from a resident of CR 1858 regarding a scam. The man reportedly ordered some ammunition reloading supplies from an internet business, Reload Equipment Company. The complainant stated he paid almost $400 for the items and had never received them. Attempts to contact the company had been unsuccessful. The man advised he had paid through Google Pay and had already contacted them to look into the transaction. The man later received an email from Google Pay regarding his claim stating that Google Pay would not be reimbursing him for his loss. The complainant had already done some investigating on his own and uncovered what he believed to be the company owner’s name. This information was included with the report and forwarded to CID for continued investigation.  

February 5

Deputy Brad Cox took a report of identity theft from a resident of CR 3859. The man advised he had been contacted by Social Security and was transferred to a DEA agent who stated a car had been located at the border containing blood and eight to nine pounds of cocaine. The man was advised the car was registered to him and the bank accounts were in his name and had thousands of dollars wired internationally. The complainant confirmed his Social Security number as well as his bank account information with the caller. The man was provided with an identity theft packet to complete and warned against providing personal information over the phone. 

Deputy Cox took a burglary report from a woman on CR 2179. The woman advised multiple items were missing from a tool shed on the property. Cox noted obvious signs of forced entry. The missing items include several cordless power tools. Information was recorded regarding a possible suspect. This case has been forwarded for investigation.

February 6

Deputy David Tipps was dispatched to CR 1630 for a report of stolen firearms. The complainant stated that a Remington 20-gauge shotgun and a Remington 4-10 shotgun were missing from his gun cabinet. He also advised that the two missing guns were ones he did not shoot often. No visible signs of forced entry were noted. The complainant provided information regarding two suspects. This case has been forwarded for additional investigation.

Deputy John Cooper and Sgt. Milbourn were dispatched to a structure fire on CR 3953 and arrived to find a wood frame house almost completely engulfed in flames. A woman at the scene advised the house belonged to her husband who was working in West Texas. According to the woman, she did not live there but had come by to work from home at the house. She further stated she had lit a candle the previous evening and it had burned down to the particle board counter top causing a smoky smell in the house. It is unknown if the candle was responsible for the fire. The Wood County fire marshal was notified. 

Deputy David Tipps was dispatched to CR 3540 for an animal complaint. A woman stated her brother-in-law had pepper sprayed her Rottweiler for no reason. The two families reside on the same property in separate mobile homes. The brother-in-law stated the dog was sitting on the property line when he sprayed it across the muzzle causing it to return to the other residence. He further stated he is scared of the dog. Tipps observed the dog did not appear to be in pain or injured and concluded no offense had occurred.

February 7

Sgt. Milbourn was dispatched to a residence on FM 778 in reference to a burglary which had occurred earlier in the day. The reporting party stated that three subjects had attempted to break in to her residence during the early morning hours and were in a physical altercation with her adult son who also lives there. Milbourn spoke with the son and observed him to have blood on his face, hands, arms and clothing as well as a laceration on his nose near eye level. When asked why he did not report the assault at the time it occurred, he stated that he did not want to alarm his mother. Photographs were taken of the door and door frame and no signs of serious forced entry were noted. This case has been forwarded to CID and remains under investigation.

February 8

Deputy McKenzie Chandler, along with several other members of the Sheriff’s Office, served a search warrant at a Mineola residence. Three small children were found to be inside the residence and were removed to safety prior to any other actions. A legal guardian was contacted to take possession of the children, ages 8, 5, and 1. Inside the residence, drugs, guns and drug paraphernalia were located in areas easily accessible to the children. Jacob Dale Large, 29, of Mineola was arrested on multiple charges, including child endangerment. Also found during the search was a gun which had its serial number scratched off leading to a charge of tampering with identifying numbers. Large also faces charges of possession of marijuana and manufacture/delivery of a controlled substance, one gram or more but less than four grams. 

Deputy Jaclyn Skinner observed a suspicious vehicle at the roadside park on SH 37 south. Skinner made routine contact with the vehicle’s lone occupant, and during the course of normal conversation found him increasingly nervous. Deputy Skinner asked for, and was denied, consent to search the vehicle for contraband. Precinct 2 Constable Kelly Smith, along with his canine partner, Mata, was requested to the scene. Mata gave a positive alert on the vehicle. A probable cause search of the vehicle netted 2.1 grams of suspected methamphetamine. Tyron James Hale, 48, of Quitman faces a charge of possession of a controlled substance, penalty group 1, one gram or more, but less than four grams. 

February 9

Deputies Andrew Morrison and Thomas Ritterbach responded to a residence on FM 515 in response to a request for a criminal trespass warning. Deputies were notified by the requestor that the subject would be arriving at the location to pick up his property and was possibly in possession of a firearm. Once the subject arrived, the deputies found him to be cooperative with the issuance of the trespass warning. The subject also admitted to having a firearm in his vehicle, but stated it was unloaded. The gun was located and was verified to be empty of any rounds. Once the trespass warning was issued, the man left the property without incident.

Deputy Andrew Rapp took a report of fraud from a woman who stated she was attempting to put money on her Cash App prepaid debit card, and when she looked up the number for the card on Google, it showed a 1-800 number. According to the woman, she contacted the phone number and an operator instructed her to purchase a Google Play card and scratch the back to reveal the numbers. Afterward, she was to send a photo of the Google Play card and her Cash App prepaid debit card. The operator was then supposed to transfer the money from the Google Play card to her Cash App card. The transfer never happened leading the woman to the conclusion that she had been scammed. 

Deputy Rapp took a phone report from a student at Jarvis Christian College. The woman stated 10 rings had been stolen from her dorm room. The stolen rings are valued at approximately $1,400 collectively. The complainant gave information regarding a possible suspect in the case. The suspect had earlier been helping the complainant pack up her belongings. This case has been forwarded for additional investigation.