Yellowjackets roll past Trinity Academy


Mineola’s 64-51 victory over visiting Trinity Academy Dec. 3 was three games in one. The first game spanned the first quarter and extended three minutes into the second period. Fluid scoring by both sides marked this action, and it ended with 5:16 on the clock left in the first half and the score tied at 19. 

The second phase was a 19-5 run by the Yellowjackets which put them up by 14 points at the half. A pair of outstanding assists, one by T.J. Moreland and one by Kaleb Griffin, featured in this action. Kelby Bruner, Jonah Fischer and De’Vante Stephens joined Griffin on the scoresheet during the run.

The second half was a game of wild, end-to-end action. Mineola opened up as much as a 22-point lead in the third quarter, as their defensive pressure created scoring opportunities aplenty. The game degenerated however into something akin to a bicycle heading downhill when the chain comes off the sprocket. 

The crazy action continued in the fourth period with more turnovers than points well-into the fourth. The final four minutes of play saw scoring at will by both sides as the game seemed to careen out of control. 

In the end, Mineola persevered and won a well-deserved victory.  As the Jackets fine-tune their line-up and tactics before their district opener Jan. 3 at Rains, one thing is certain. If the Jackets can continue to count on their press to turn game momentum, there is no limit on where the season could take them.