District play begins


District play gets underway as Mineola travels to Mt. Vernon, Alba-Golden hosts Boles for homecoming and Quitman travels to Grand Saline.

Mt. Vernon opens the scoring for a 7-0 lead but Mineola converts a turnover into a score to tie thing st 7-7.

Mt. Vernon hits a big play to retake the lead, 14-7.

End of one period in Mt. Vernon. Tigers 14, Mineola 7 with Mineola driving.

Mineola punches it in to tie it at 14.

No score yet from Grand Saline or Alba-Golden.

Grand Saline strikes first at the 6:00 mark in the first period, leading Quitman 6-0.

With 1:48 to go in the first quarter Grand Saline scores again to lead 14-0

First quarter in Alba-Golden is scoreless with the Panthers driving.

Edgar Rubio with the scoop and score for the Mineola TD and a 21-14 lead.

Alba-Golden breaks on top of Boles 7-0.

First quarter ends at Grand Saline with a 14-0 Indian lead over Quitman.

A long run gets Mt. Vernon in the end zone but the missed extra point leaves Mineola up 21-20.

Boles gets a field goal to make it 7-3, Alba-Golden at 6:36 in the second quarter.

Alba-Golden responds with a touchdown to lead 14-3 at 6:08.

Grand Saline adds a field goal, up 17-0.

Haftime at Mt. Vernon and the Yellowjackets lead 21-20.

With 3:35 left in the half Alba-Golden leads 21-3.

Boles scores to make it Alba-Golden 21, Boles 10 with 1:19 left in the half.

Quitman trails Grand Saline 17-0 at halftime.

Alba-Golden 21, Quinlan Boles 10 at the half.

Mt. Vernon retakes the lead on its first drive of the second half, 27-21 over Mineola.

Braydon Alley's long run puts Mineola back up 28-27, 4:57 to go in the third.

Grand Saline gets on the board at 4:20 in the 3rd period to lead 24-0.

Going into the 4th quarter in Mt. Vernon, Mineola up by one.

Mineola scores again and leads 35-27 with 8:21 left to play.

With 1:31 left in the 3rd, Grand Saline leads Quitman 30-0.

Three quarters in the books and Alba-Golden hanging onto a 21-10 lead over Boles.

Boles pulls within 21-18.

Grand Saline up 30-0 after three.

Mineola hits a long pass to Colton McMahon and leads Mt. Vernon 42-27 with 5;25 to play.

Alba-Golden scores to lead 27-18 with 7:49 left.

Mineola gets the stop with 3:08 to play at the Mt. Vernon 38.

Now Grand Saline 32, Quitman 6, with 6:27 to play.

Mineola gets the win over Mt. Vernon 42-27.

Alba-Golden pulling away 39-18 over Boles.

Grand Saline up 39-6 over Quitman.

And that's the final from Grand Saline.

Alba-Golden gets the homecoming win 39-18.