Last Friday in September


It's a balmy night for high school football as Mineola hosts Pottsboro and Alba-Golden visits Honey Grove for key early district games while Quitman welcomes a tough Troup team.

Early kickoff in Mineola and Pottsboro grabs the early lead 7-0.

Mineola responds to tie it at 7-7.

It's a score fest in Mineola as Pottsboro leads 14-7 less than five minutes into the game.

After the game's first stop, Pottsboro scores again and is up 21-7. Still five minutes left in the first quarter.

Mineola responds with a scoring run by Braydon Alley late in the first quarter and it's 21-14.

Troup needs 50 seconds to score and lead Quitman 7-0.

Pottsboro takes the first snap after the Mineola TD for a 75-yard scoring run.

Now 28-14, Pottsboro. Still four seconds left in the first quarter.

Quitman grinds out a six minute drive and adds the 2-point conversion to take the lead 8-7.

Another Truop drive takes less than a minute and the two-point run makes it 15-8.

Mineola turns it over on downs and it takes Pottsboro two plays to cover 66 yards and stretch the lead to 35-14 with 7:16 until the half.

Mineola fumbles it to the Cardinals at their 33.

Another two-play drive makes it Pottsboro 41, Mineola 14 with half of the second quarter left to play.

End of the first quarter in Quitman and the Bulldpgs trail Troup 15-8.

The Bulldogs grind out another scoring drive of over nine minutes. The two-point try comes up short and Troup still leads 15-14.

Honey Grove leads Alba-Golden 14-0.

Truop scores in under two minutes to lead 22-14 with 5:20 left in the half.

Pottsboro ends the half with a missed 54-yard field goal attempt and leads Mineola 41-14.

Quitman scores with 4 seconds left in the half at ties it 22-22 on the two point conversion.

Honey Grove leads Alba-Golden 28-0.

Alba-Golden trails 41-0 at the half.

Mineola takes the kickoff and drives to the Pottsboro 2-yard line.

Jackets score on 3rd and 12 and it's Pottsboro 41, Mineola 20 after the missed PAT try. The drive took 5:40.

Troup gets the first defensive stop of the night on a 3-and-out, forcing a Quitman punt.

Pottsboro drives for a score to lead Mineola 48-20.

Quitman forces a turnover.

The Bulldogs drive inside the Troup 30 and convert a 4th and 10 on a great sideline pass catch.

Bulldogs turn it over on downs at 3:07 in the 3rd period.

Troup goes 70 yards on the next play to lead Quitman 29-22.

Colton McMahon takes a long pass to the end zone to make it Pottsboro 48, Mineola 27.

Bulldogs turn it over at their own 38.

Jackets get a tunrn over and take over at their 41.

After three quarters Quitman trails 29-22 and Mineola trails 48-27.

Braydon Alley's 45-yard run makes it Pottsboro 48, Mineola 34.

Mineola grabs an onside kick at the Pottsboro 37.

Troup takes it first 2-score lead on Quitman, 36-22.

Under 10 minutes to play in Quitman.

Jackets punch it in and with 8:50 to play it's Pottsboro 48, Mineola 40. The PAT kick was missed.

Quitman turns it over on downs at the Troup 32 with 7:10 to go.

Honey Grove defeats Alba-Golden 47-0.

Troup stretches its lead to 43-22 over Quitman with 4:55 to play.

Pottsboro burns the clock down to 4:04 and scores for a 55-40 lead.

Mineola turns it over near midfield with 2:46 to play.

Final from Quitman, the Bulldogs fall to Troup 43-22.

Final from Mineola, Pottsboro 55, Mineola 40.