Sept. 10 football scores


It's Friday night in East Texas and that means high school football.

Quitman is at Queen City and the hosts strike first for a 6-0 lead.

Mineola and West Rusk are scoreless late in the first quarter at West Rusk.

Mineola draws first blood with a field goal in the 2nd quarter to lead 3-0.

Quitman pulls ahead of Queen City late in the first half, 7-6.

A late score extends Quitman's lead to 13-6.

At the half Quitman leads 13-6.

Mineola leads 3-0.

Alba-Golden leads Union Grove 25-6.

Mineola scores quickly on a long run by Dawson Pendergrass to extend the lead to 10-0.

A Queen City touchdown and  two-point conversion grabs the lead over Quitman 14-13.

Quitman strikes back to lead 19-14.

West Rusk tries to convert 4th and short deep in their own territory and fails, and Pendergrass runs it in on the next play to give Mineola a 17-0 lead.

A goal line stand preserves Quitman's lead.

And it's 19-14 Quitman over Queen City after three quarters.

A Quitman fumble hands the ball back to Queen City at the 17 and one play later it's Queen City 20, Quitman 19.

West Rusk gets on the board to cut Mineola's lead to 17-7.

A Mineola turn over leads to another quick score and the Yellowjacket lead is down to 17-14.

Mineola fumbles again. West Rusk scores again and leads 21-17.

Alba-Golden wins 53-19 to improve to 2-1.

Mineola and West Rusk just finished the third quarter.

Quitman converts an interception into a short scoring drive to lead 25-20 with 2:11 to play.

West Rusk adds a field goal to lead Mineola 24-17 with five minutes to go.

Quitman staves off a late Queen City drive to preserve the win 25-20 and go to 2-1 for the season.

Mineola pushes deep but comes up short for a game-tying score and falls to West Rusk, 24-17, dropping to 1-2 on the year.