The lights are up on Friday night


Mineola hosts Mt. Vernon in a key district game.

The Lady Jackets lost to Mt. Vernon three games to two in volleyball to start the evening.

Quitman continues its great season on the road at Harmony.

And Alba-Golden squares off with Cooper.

Cooper opens the scoring to lead 6-0.

Mt. Vernon's third possession results in a score after an interception near midfield to lead 7-0.

A long run extends the Cooper lead to 12-0 over Alba-Golden.

With 51 seconds left in the first quarter Cooper leads Alba-Golden 18-0.

Mt. Vernon extends its lead over Mineola to 14-0.

Harmony leads Quitman 30-0 late in the first quarter.

Mineola responds with a touchdown drive to make it 14-7.

Cooper finds the end zone again and makes the two-point conversion to lead 26-0.

Mt. Vernon hits a long pass to make the lead 21-7 over Mineola.

A long run extends Cooper's lead to 32-0 late in the half.

Alba-Golden gets on the board with three seconds left in the half to trail 32-6.

Harmony leads Quitman 51-0 at halftime.

Mt. Vernon scores again to lead 28-7 over Mineola.

And that's the score at halftime.

Cooper opens the second half scoring to lead Alba-Golden 38-6.

Mt. Vernon gets a quick touchdown to open the second half and extend the lead to 35-7 over Mineola.

Cooper adds a score and leads Alba-Golden 44-6.

Mt. Vernon strikes quickly again and is up 42-7.

Alba-Golden gets a score early in the 4th quarter and it's 44-12 Cooper.

With 3:14 to play Cooper makes it 52-12.

The Panthers add a TD in the final minute and Cooper leads 52-19.

Mt. Vernon stretches its lead to 49-7 over Mineola.

Harmony leads Quitman 64-0.

Cooper defeats Alba-Golden 52-19.

Mt. Vernon over Mineola  49-7.

Harmony 67, Quitman 0.