Wood County Sheriff’s Report

Posted 7/22/21

July 7

Deputy Jim Rapp took a report from a Quitman man regarding fraudulent use of his debit card. The man, who was hospitalized, was receiving alerts that his card was possibly being used …

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Wood County Sheriff’s Report


July 7

Deputy Jim Rapp took a report from a Quitman man regarding fraudulent use of his debit card. The man, who was hospitalized, was receiving alerts that his card was possibly being used fraudulently at various places around Wood County. The man was able to provide information about a probable suspect.

Deputies Andrew Rapp and Jonah Croney were dispatched to CR 3580 for a disturbance. A male and female were arguing over a lawnmower when the man became very angry and threatened to kill the woman while holding a baseball bat. After speaking with both parties, and a witness to the incident, the deputies placed Angel Chavez Martinez, 52, of Winnsboro under arrest. He is charged with terroristic threat of family/household member.

July 8

Deputy Croney took a report of a scam from a resident of FM 852. The woman stated she had begun having issues with her computer and called a phone number which was supposedly for Microsoft. A computer technician was allowed remote access to her computer and stated he could fix the problem for a small fee. The woman paid by credit card. She later observed an unauthorized pending charge of $400 on her account. At the time of the report, the woman had already canceled her accounts and wished only for the case to be documented.

Deputy Dustin Green took a theft report at the boat ramp on CR 2275. A man reported he had returned to the ramp after two hours of fishing to find his boat trailer missing. The man also provided information about two male subjects who were at the location when he launched the boat. He described the trailer as being in bad shape and worth only about $100. He wished only to have the incident documented.

Deputy Andrew Rapp was dispatched to PR 6645 just after 3:00 a.m. for a burglary report. The complainant advised she had been awakened by her truck’s security alarm and quickly ran outside. Although she did not see anyone around, she did discover several items missing from her vehicle including cash, CDs and two gold chains which had been hanging from the rearview window. The woman was able to provide Deputy Rapp with a description of a man who she had watched come onto her property one week earlier. This case has been forwarded for investigation.

July 10

Sgt. Heather Bailey was dispatched to FM 778 for a burglary. She was met by the property owner who stated the residence is one of his guest houses and he had found the front door standing open and a front window busted out. No property was deemed to be missing. Estimated cost of the damages is $500. 

Sgt. Bailey was dispatched to FM 852 for a report of a cat bite. An elderly woman advised she had been bitten by a stray male cat that she had been feeding. The cat attacked the woman’s foot when she used her foot to block the cat’s attempt to enter her house. The woman stated she believed the cat attacked her foot because she was wearing fuzzy house slippers that may have resembled another cat. The woman sought medical attention and had not seen the cat since.

Deputy Andrew Morrison was in the area of CR 1590 when he heard a disturbance on a nearby fishing pier. At the same time, Morrison was notified by dispatch of a 9-1-1 call (originating from the same place) in which a caller was stating he was being held against his will. Deputy Morrison determined the caller was a juvenile male in an argument with his father over a request to help clean up their camper. After speaking with all parties, it was mutually decided the child and his sibling would spend the night with a family friend who lived nearby.

July 11

Deputy Morrison took a report of harassment from a Hawkins woman who stated she was receiving threats from several females. Deputy Morrison was provided screen shots of messages the woman had received and determined no direct threats had been made. An incident report was completed for documentation purposes.

July 12

Sgt. Justin Bowring took a report of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle from an inmate of the Wood County Jail. The inmate advised that he had been made aware that his pickup was missing from where it had been located prior to his arrest. Bowring recorded the description of the pickup as well as information regarding a possible suspect. This case is ongoing.

Deputy Dustin Green was dispatched to CR 4568 for a possible sexual assault. A woman reported she had awakened in bed with a man and remembered only bits and pieces of the previous evening. The woman voluntarily agreed to have a sexual assault examination. This case remains under investigation.

Deputy Andrew Rapp took a burglary report from a resident of US Hwy. 69 in the Mineola area. The woman reportedly returned home to find her garage door open further than she normally left it. On examination the woman also discovered a tractor style riding lawn mower was missing. Rapp recorded information regarding a suspect and checked the suspect’s residence for the lawn mower. The man had mowers on his property matching the description of the missing one, but when shown photos the woman stated none of them were hers. At the reporting party’s request, an incident report was completed and the case was closed.

July 13

Deputy Green was dispatched to FM 17 in the Alba area for a burglary. Green met with a man and woman outside a residence in an RV park. The pair had been evicted from the residence. After learning the details of their complaint, Green informed them the matter was civil in nature. The man became argumentative and claimed to be an FBI informant. He also threatened to get the FBI involved in his case. The landlord graciously allowed the couple extra time to remove their belongings and at his request, the couple was issued a criminal trespass warning.

Deputy Croney took a scam report from a Hawkins man. The man reported that he had been contacted via phone by “Sgt. Johnson” who claimed to have a warrant for the man’s arrest. The man was advised to buy Visa gift cards to resolve the issue. While still on the phone with the caller, the man went to a convenience store and bought five cards with about $200 on each of them. He provided the card numbers, along with his name, date of birth and address. He later checked his bank account and found that approximately $1,000 was pending withdrawal.

Sheriff Kelly Cole would like the public to know the man’s caller ID did display 903-763-2201 which is the main phone number for Wood County Sheriff’s Office; however, the call did not come from the sheriff’s office. Scammers are able to “spoof” or deliberately falsify the information being transmitted to a phone, so that the caller ID displays a familiar number. Citizens should never give personal information to anyone who claims to have a warrant for their arrest if they are the ones who initiate contact. If anyone believes they may, in fact, have an active warrant for arrest, hang up and call the sheriff’s office directly at the above mentioned phone number. 

July 14

Deputy John Cooper was dispatched to CR 3990 at 8:00 a.m. for a small female child who had been found on the county road. Before arriving, Cooper was notified that the mother of the child had called in to report her missing. Once on scene, Deputy Cooper noted the child appeared healthy and was fully clothed. The child had reportedly been being watched by an older sibling and had simply wandered off following a family pet. She was reunited with her mother and siblings.