Wood County Sheriff’s Report

Posted 3/24/22

March 9

Deputy Andrew Rapp, welfare check, four individuals on Mohican, unable to contact ex-husband and children in a couple weeks, ex-husband stated they have been in contact, party notified …

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Wood County Sheriff’s Report


March 9

Deputy Andrew Rapp, welfare check, four individuals on Mohican, unable to contact ex-husband and children in a couple weeks, ex-husband stated they have been in contact, party notified everything OK.

Sgt. Heather Bailey, party stated she was harassed by man coming to her work, calling multiple times a day, Bailey contacted suspect, advised not to contact anymore.

Deputy Brad Cox and Sgt. Jaclyn Skinner, PR 6938, disturbance, two individuals in dating relationship, neither wished to pursue charges.

Deputy Cox, PR 6938, disturbance, grandson assaulted subject, neither wished to press charges,  separated.

Deputy Jeff Baldwin, welfare check, Hwy. 11, man OK, power out in area.

Deputy Matthew Cooper, scam report, no information compromised.

Deputy Cox and Sgt. Skinner, CR 1660, shots fired, party heard 6-7 rapid shots, resident said son taking out trash when neighbor’s dogs chased aggressively, fired four rounds toward the ground.

March 10

Sgt. Skinner, suspicious vehicle, Hwy. 154, parked in front of closed business after hours, driver not giving consistent statements, admitted marijuana in vehicle, searched by consent, drug paraphernalia, marijuana and methamphetamine located. Stephen Russell Swilling, 36, Cumby arrested for possession of a controlled substance PG 1 >=1g<4g.

Sgt. Bailey, terroristic threat, CR 4760, text message threatening harm, responded was wrong number.

Deputy Cox, questions regarding family member getting out of hospital, assisted.

Deputy Linda Williams, woman stated son on drugs and wanted him out of house, assisted.

Deputy Williams, alarm, Broken Bow, family advised person was staying there to watch home.

Deputy Williams, old boat on property bought a year ago, boat was clear, advised would take to the dump.

Deputy Cox, suspicious person, CR 1943, man walking up and down road, not located.

Deputy Cox, vehicle on side of CR 2700, not occupied, out of roadway.

March 11

Deputy Jonah Croney, reported reckless driver, Hwy. 154, unable to locate.

Deputy Croney, vehicle on Hwy. 154, driver stated was OK, letting vehicle cool down.

Deputy Croney, traffic hazard, FM 514, water company letting water out of lines before freeze, not creating hazard.

Deputy Croney, abandoned camper trailer, CR 4575, did not belong to the party, towed by on-call wrecker.

Deputy Andrew Morrison, theft, Hwy. 80, trailer stolen from business, report forwarded to Criminal Investigation Division (CID).

March 12

Deputy Croney and Deputy Morrison, alarm, FM 288, locked and secure, unable to contact key holder.

Deputy Melissa Pollard, neighbor taking down fence, letting cows out, property dispute, neighbor advised could not intentionally damage fence to allow livestock out, advised of proper way to resolve.

Sgt. Austin Milbourn, neighbor riding 4-wheeler early in morning, location added to security check list.

Deputy Croney, people parking in yard during estate sale next door.

Deputy Benjamin Whisenhunt, alarm, CR 3495, homeowner unsure why alarm went off, no signs of criminal activity.

Sgt. Milbourn and Deputy Croney, CR 2121, individual taking oven from mother’s house, ongoing civil matter.

Deputy Croney, suspicious female, CR 1941, acting intoxicated. Victoria Lynn Jackson, 24, Gilmer arrested for blue warrant, criminal trespass warning issued at property owner request.

Deputy Croney, unauthorized use of motor vehicle, Winnsboro St., forwarded to CID.

March 13

Deputy Pollard, FM 779, shooting neighbor’s dog, advised dog in yard acting aggressively, contacted dog owner, checked dog, not severely injured.

Deputy Pollard, welfare check, Hwy. 37, vehicle in parking lot of business for two hours, driver slumped over the wheel, stated was waiting for friend, had fallen asleep.

Deputy Pollard, disturbance, female walking down Hwy. 37, advised she and boyfriend in argument, walking back to her residence, given courtesy transport.

Deputy Pollard, suspicious circumstance, FM 14, someone spotlighting residence, party made contact with individual who was looking for license plate that fell off vehicle, vehicle left area.

Deputy Pollard stopped vehicle, Hwy. 80 reckless driving, driver had been drinking, results of field sobriety tests unable to determine level of intoxication, allowed to contact someone to come get him.

Deputy Pollard, FM 2088, disturbance, domestic dispute over property, individuals advised was civil matter and how to handle it.

Deputy Croney, PR 5816, individual in mental health crisis, agreed to go to hospital for evaluation.

Deputy Matthew Cooper, vehicle parked on side of CR 1895, started backing down roadway, driver stated was waiting on wife to get off work to follow her, wife contacted, stated everything fine, did not feel like she was in danger.

March 14

Deputy Cox, CR 2590, property damage, someone damaged furniture on property, incident documented.

Deputy Bonnie Sepulvado, assault, subject assaulted by boyfriend, observed bruising, case forwarded to CID.

Deputies Williams and Cox, alarm, CR 1336, residence checked, found to be locked, no signs of forced entry.

Deputy Cooper, traffic violation, requested consent to search, denied, canine handler contacted, dog alerted, search conducted, drug paraphernalia located. Andrew Sanford Harris, 36, Quitman arrested for resisting arrest, search or transport.

Sgt. Skinner cleared  road hazard, FM 779, tree fell into road.

March 15

Sgt. Brad Cox, death notification, CR 4430.

Sgt. Cox, CR 2128, dispute, during argument girlfriend broke numerous items in residence, did not wish to press charges, wanted issue documented.

Sgt. Cox and Deputy Sepulvado, welfare check, CR 3543, individual having mental health crisis, refused EMS, had friend pick him up.

Deputy Williams, traffic hazard, Hwy. 37, toilet fell off truck and broke, removed from roadway.