Wood County Sheriff’s Report

Posted 4/28/22

April 13

Deputy Sepulvado, theft, CR 3940, male banging on door and was let in, followed caller around, took her phone. Caller left in vehicle, upon returning, male subject was gone and her phone …

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Wood County Sheriff’s Report


April 13

Deputy Sepulvado, theft, CR 3940, male banging on door and was let in, followed caller around, took her phone. Caller left in vehicle, upon returning, male subject was gone and her phone as well.

Deputy Whisenhunt, suspicious package in Hawkins, security guard discovered what appeared to be marijuana in package with strong perfume smell; Whisenhunt unable to contact sender or recipient; no arrest.

Sgt. Milbourn, medical call, FM 515 boat ramp, male possibly struck by lightning, not alert, victim transported to Winnsboro ER.

Deputy Morrison, caller allowed homeless female to stay on property, wanted off property but would not leave, advised the female would have to be evicted.

April 14

Deputy Morrison, animal complaint, CR 2210, neighbor’s dogs aggressive, owner notified and stated would keep dogs contained.

Deputy Morrison, disturbance, CR 2263, suspect detained by Sgt. Melbourne and Lt. O’Grady, victim stayed at residence despite protective order, suspect acting strange and yelling, had placed hands around victim’s neck, Brandon Richardson, 30, Mineola, arrested.

Deputy Croney, disturbance, PR 5843, subjects inside camper arguing, door locked, suspect uncooperative, officers forced entry, John Charo, 34, Yantis arrested

Deputy Pollard, welfare check Hwy. 154, homeowner advised she was OK.

April 15

Deputy Rapp, animal concern, observed animals had food, water and shelter.

Deputy Baldwin, structure fire, CR 3947, residents trying to help firemen which was frustrating the firemen, Baldwin kept residents away until fire put out.

Deputy Rapp, burglary, CR 2502; victim claimed nephew broke into shed, stole chainsaw, said he had permission; no charges filed.

Deputy Kovic, disturbance, CR 2155; victim claimed son being aggressive, grabbed her, parties separated; victim notified to call juvenile probation for assistance due to not pressing charges.

Deputy Rapp, firearm theft, CR 3440; victim believed niece or friend took firearm while taking nap; contacted niece whose friend had picked up pistol, but no confirmation of theft. Suspect not contacted.

Deputy Kovic, structure fire, CR 3990; person cleaning church advised light flickering, firemen believe fire to be electrical starting near breaker box.

Deputy Rapp, civil issue; caller advised neighbor had taken down fence over issue with ant poison; was advised fence could be removed as it was connected with neighbor’s fence, neighbor contacted, told could put up barrier for poison.

Deputy Williams, traffic hazard, FM 2088; vehicle partially in roadway, no occupants, inventoried and towed.

Deputy Cooper, suicidal subject, CR 3843; subject advised had changed his mind, transported to UT Health North.

Deputy Williams, suspicious circumstances, Holiday Villages, Hwy. 154; bones on shore appeared larger than human, scene photographed.

April 16

Deputy Baldwin, shots fired, CR 3455; suspect’s wife took gun from him; no one observed shooting, park staff allowed suspect to stay for night.

Sgt. Cox, civil issue, Holly Lake Ranch; issues resolved and caller allowed to get property.

Deputy Kovic, firearm found, CR 2195, residence appeared to be unoccupied, firearm came back clear.

Deputy Cooper, traffic stop, FM 2088; vehicle speeding, ran off road turning on to CR 3135, hit fence, driver had suspended license with two prior convictions; Stephen Pryor, 31, Winnsboro, arrested for driving while license invalid with previous conviction.

Deputy Rapp, disturbance, CR 4530, victim stated daughter visiting her son, verbal argument led suspect to place hands on victim, caused her to fall. Rapp observed blood on victim, did not wish to pursue charges.

Deputy Gould, verbal dispute, FM 1799, parties separated.

Deputy Kovic, criminal mischief, CR 3236; tractor had glass broken out, incident documented.

Deputy Gould, welfare check, CR 4660; SOS call text sent by mistake.

April 17

Deputy Gould stolen vehicle, CR 2745; victim told to find license plate or VIN to be able to report vehicle stolen, had suspects in mind.

Deputy Cooper, disturbance, Holiday Village, Hwy. 154; victim advised husband came home drunk, throwing softball in house, victim videoed, suspect grabbed victim’s wrist while taking phone; Mario Ramirez, 29, Quitman, arrested for assault family violence.

Deputy Rapp, suspicious circumstances; caller could not reach brother, contacted, stated was fine, did not want to speak to family.

Sgt. Cox, complaint, person’s son wanted to shoot people and needed help, son advised was not suicidal or homicidal; no weapons found, subject not transported.

Deputy Gould, disturbance, CR 2388; a female believed brother having relations with girlfriend, ran in house, slapped girlfriend; Susana Cortes, 21, Mineola, arrested for assault family violence.

Sgt. Cox, dispute, CR 1560; couple in argument with neighbors about dogs; neighbors advised the wife threatened them; she was notified to stay away from neighbors and property.

Sgt. Skinner, warrant service, Hwy. 37; Glen McGill, 58, Quitman, arrested.

Deputy Kovic, welfare check, CR 1254; subject fine, trying to move back to Tyler.

Deputy Cooper, disturbance, Johnson Lane, Yantis; mother having issues with her kids, took phones, one left, other caused damage, children advised needed to follow mother’s rules.

April 18

Deputy Rapp, animal complaint, CR 1660; victim almost bitten while walking, owner contacted to keep dogs put up.

Deputy Cooper, disturbance, CR 4700; female reported being hit with zipper by husband who advised his wife hit him with heater; neither wanted to file charges.

Deputy Cooper, suspicious activity, N. Hwy. 37, subject walking around 18 wheelers early in morning, Cooper noticed subjects acting nervous; one admitted having meth pipe; Chris Pyron, 60, Winnsboro arrested.

Deputy Morrison, theft, CR 2550; male stated jeep stolen from property; had no license or VIN so it could not be reported stolen.

Deputy Mayer, suspicious circumstance, FM 2088; found male laying on ground, deemed intoxicated. Jesse Combs, 41, Big Sandy, arrested for public intoxication.

April 19

Deputy Pollard, suicidal subject, Yantis; contacted parents, subject transported to UT Quitman.

Deputy Pollard, shots fired, PR 7854; caller said several males fired toward house. Suspects advised were shooting at geese; information forwarded to game warden.

Deputy Pollard, animal complaint, FM 14. Dogs coming on property trying to attack them; dog owners advised would keep dogs put up.

Deputy Pollard, suspicious person, CR 3419. Caller advised female driving around seemed dazed; individual advised she was lost.

Deputy Whisenhunt, warrant service, Bermuda St., Quitman; Eugene Louderman, 50, Quitman arrested.

Deputy Rapp suspicious circumstances, CR 1612; caller advised man seen near storage building, took off when confronted; requested extra patrol.

Deputy Morrison, animal complaint, CR 2425; neighbor’s dog tries to attack through fence which is in bad shape; dog owner contacted, advised of issues which could be raised if dog escapes.