Wood County Sheriff’s Report

Posted 3/23/23

March 8

Cpl. Baldwin, cows out, County Road 1900. While herding the cows back, deputy observed multiple dead cows, case forwarded to investigations.

Deputy Kovic, theft, Private Road 7687; …

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Wood County Sheriff’s Report


March 8

Cpl. Baldwin, cows out, County Road 1900. While herding the cows back, deputy observed multiple dead cows, case forwarded to investigations.

Deputy Kovic, theft, Private Road 7687; property owner advised trailer stolen, entered as stolen.

Cpl. Baldwin, animal complaint, County Road 1406; deputy observed horses malnourished, person from rescue group observed cows malnourished, owner advised deputy would follow up to check welfare of horses.

Deputy Hughes, stolen vehicle, County Road 1370; owner advised her ex knew vehicle location, denied knowing, case forwarded to investigations.

Sgt. Skinner, Deputy Hughes, criminal mischief, Holly Lake Ranch. Security advised male drove through gate again, case forwarded to investigations.

Deputy Arellano, suspicious person, County Road 4591; owner advised unknown female walking on property. Deputies located female, who had two warrants. Elizabeth Woodard, 38, Longview arrested for outstanding warrants.

Two transports.

March 9

Cpl. Baldwin, cows out, County Road 1900; cows herded back, property owner will receive another citation.

Cpl. Mayer, suicidal person, Alba. Deputies located female who went with EMS for treatment.

Deputy Arellano, agency assist, County Road 4805. Hopkins County advised vehicle involved in hit and run may be at residence, determined vehicle not at residence.

Sgt. Cox, Cpl. Baldwin, suspicious person, FM 2088. Deputies located subject, who advised he was looking for person, the person had quit taking medication that could have caused incident.

March 10

Sgt. Morrison, Deputy Croney, Deputy Comeaux, warrant service, County Road 3147. Avery Hartness, 76, arrested for outstanding warrant. 

Deputy Croney, Deputy Comeaux, identity theft, County Road 2445; caller received emails of someone attempting to open account in his name, contacted his bank, incident report completed. 

Sgt. Morrison, Cpl. Cooper, warrant service, Holly Lake Ranch, attempt to serve active warrant for Philip James Emerson, 49, neighbor advised Emerson came outside, got mail, ran back into residence. After multiple attempts to make contact with Emerson, entry forced into residence, Emerson located, arrested, transported, booked for criminal mischief warrant.

Sgt. Williams, firearm found, FM 49; handgun checked, found to be clear. 

Deputy Burdick, traffic stop, FM 778; occupant arrested for possession of controlled substance. 

Deputy Way, abandoned vehicle, County Road 1960; someone wrecked vehicle, left on property, trooper given vehicle information, report completed. 

March 11

Deputy Croney, warrant service, County Road 2165. Shane Davis, 26, Quitman arrested for possession of controlled substance. 

Sgt. Morrison, Cpl. Cooper, assault, FM 779. Both parties advised verbal argument became physical. Due to conflicting stories and injuries, both parties arrested for assault. 

Sgt. Williams, Deputy Burdick, agency assist, Mineola. Mineola PD advised there had been a shooting, deputies able to secure crime scene. 

Deputy Way, disturbance, County Road 4641; both parties advised physical altercation occurred, parties separated to avoid further conflict. 

Multiple animal calls. 

March 12

Sgt. Morrison, Cpl. Cooper, warrant service, Hwy. 69; wanted individual observed inside residence, refused to come outside. Deputies forced entry, Irae Lowe, 52, Mineola arrested for outstanding warrant. 

Sgt. Morrison, Deputy Croney assisted Mineola PD with vehicle search. Croney transported inmate to county jail. 

Deputy Pollard, suspicious circumstance, County Road 1500; property owner found game camera that did not belong to them, did not know who put it on property. After looking at pictures, deemed camera had recently been placed. 

Sgt. Williams, Deputy Burdick, shots fired, County Road 2299; caller stated as he bent over outside, heard loud bang and what he believed to be pellets flying over his head, did not observe firearm in neighbor’s hand. Deputies unable to make contact with neighbor. 

One agency assist. 

March 13

Deputy Gould, illegal dumping, FM 17; property owner observed sewer truck dumping waste into drain, wrote down vehicle information, driver left scene. 

Deputy Comeaux, Deputy Kovic, terroristic threat, County Road 2842; caller received threatening messages in January, worried, due to recent events from suspect. Deputies observed messages to not be direct threat, report completed. 

Cpl. Mayer, welfare check, Hwy. 154; caller’s husband back on drugs, seeing things. Deputies checked on individual who denied EMS, not a threat to himself. 

Deputy Hughes, structure fire, County Road 3494; property owner woke up in the night to shed on fire, recently ran two people off her property. 

Deputy Arellano, disturbance, County Road 3920. Parties advised argument occurred due to female not giving male a ride. Deputy transported male to nearby gas station to separate parties. 

March 14

Deputy Kovic, Deputy Comeaux, terroristic threat; victim advised he has been harassed by neighbor who doesn’t like him cleaning up neighborhood, victim was advised a threat did not occur, but incident will be documented in case of future issues. 

Deputy Kovic, Deputy Comeaux, animal bite, Holly Lake Ranch; victim stated customer’s dog bit him, he refused medical treatment. Deputies will follow up with dog owner for shot records. 

Deputy Gould, suicidal person, Private Road 8693; subject asked for deputy’s gun to harm himself, subject transported by EMS for treatment. 

Sgt. Skinner, Cpl. Mayer assisted Van police. Van PD advised pursuit coming into Wood County, ended in Mineola, suspect arrested. 

Cpl. Mayer, motorist assist, Hwy. 154; observed vehicle with flat, after checking on driver, did not have tools to change tire. Deputy able to change tire. 

Cpl. Mayer, Deputy Hughes, assault after the fact, County Road 4440; victim assaulted by husband, he assaulted a child, suspect later made threat directed at victim in the jail. James Short, 39, arrested for assault family violence, CPS contacted.