Wood County Sheriff’s Report

Posted 5/18/23

May 3

Cpl. Baldwin, terroristic threat, FM 49; victim received multiple threats from neighbor, could not explain why he has not called when threats occurred previously, possible suspect not at …

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Wood County Sheriff’s Report


May 3

Cpl. Baldwin, terroristic threat, FM 49; victim received multiple threats from neighbor, could not explain why he has not called when threats occurred previously, possible suspect not at home.

Sgt. Cox, Deputy Kovic, inquest, CR 4847; caller dropped off friend the night before to fish, did not show up to work the next day, went back to location, discovered him deceased in the water, autopsy ordered, criminal investigations division has case.

Cpl. Burdick, Deputy Comeaux, suicidal subject, CR 1545; couple fighting, female took multiple pills, transported to receive treatment.

Sgt. Mayer, Cpl. Burdick, Deputy Comeaux, suicidal subject, Yantis; unresponsive male had taken multiple pills, transported by EMS.

Deputy Rapp, vehicle fire, Hwy. 69; owner stated son put grill in car that was still hot, caught vehicle on fire. 

May 4

Deputy Whisenhunt, adult probation, terroristic threat; someone made threat over phone, offense report completed.

Deputy Kovic, theft, CR 1600; victim renting house, someone stole water heater, electrical wire, case forwarded to investigations.

Deputy Skinner, criminal trespass; caller saw man walking on property through game camera, unable to make contact with suspect.

Sgt. Mayer, suspicious person; two males messing with lock on gate, caller believes they were trying to pick it, advised lock now will not open, will file report. 

Deputy Hughes, disturbance, CR 4200; victim and son got into argument that turned physical, son threatened to harm father; charges to be filed on son.

Sgt. Mayer, property damage, CR 2121; female drove by, threw rock at vehicle. Deputies were at suspect’s house when victim said incident occurred, did not observe rock being thrown. 

May 5

Lt. Milbourn, Sgt. Morrison, Deputy Pollard, medical emergency, CR 1905; caller’s husband fell off tractor, hit by shredder. Deputies placed tourniquets on victim until EMS arrived, victim transported.

Cpl. Cooper, traffic stop, Loop 564; passenger did not have seat belt on, passenger, Bobby Mckenzie, provided false name, arrested. Lt. Milbourn deployed canine who had positive alert, drug paraphernalia located.

Sgt. Williams, Deputy Way, vehicle vs. cow accident; vehicle had serious damage, occupants transported by EMS, animal deceased, deputies unable to contact cow owner. 

Sgt. Williams, Deputy Way, vehicle vs. cow accident; trooper stated cow could be put down. Deputies contacted owner who agreed.

Deputies, Jarvis (Hawkins), shots fired; victim drove to Jarvis to pick up sister, two males came out of bushes. One fired multiple times, missing victim and car, victim wished to pursue charges.

Deputy Arellano, shooting victim, ER; victim stated she was at boss’s house who shot snake on porch, bullets ricocheted, hit her leg, did not wish to pursue charges.

Sgt. Williams, Deputy Way, disturbance, CR 2117; female beating on door with bat, making threats. Lori Burge arrested for terroristic threats.

May 6

Sgt. Ragsdale, Sgt. Morrison, Cpl. Cooper, shots fired, FM 2088; caller’s wife had shot herself in face, deputies located female deceased. Due to husband being erratic, he was detained, interviewed, criminal investigations division has active case.

Sgt. Morrison, Cpl. Cooper, warrant service, Hwy. 154. Ruby Isaacs arrested for outstanding warrant.

Sgt. Morrison, Cpl. Cooper, warrant service, CR 1590. Anthony Laxson arrested for outstanding warrant.

Deputy Pollard, criminal trespass, FM 1804; neighbor came onto property, cut down trees. Deputy unable to contact suspect. Suspect called victim, made multiple threats, offense report for criminal trespass, criminal mischief, terroristic threats completed.

Deputy Arellano, missing person, CR 3495; daughter who has mental illness missing from residence. Deputy located person who advised she was taking a walk.

Deputy Way, shots fired, FM 852; caller advised vehicle struck by stray bullet, believes he heard shooting in area then something hitting truck. No bullets located.

May 7

Cpl. Cooper, theft; multiple items stolen from residence; caller did not have serial numbers for missing items.

Sgt. Williams, disturbance, FM 779; victim and husband got into argument that went too far, suspect made statements that made her uncomfortable, she called 911. While trying to make call, husband tried to take phone away, later let go. Neither party wished to pursue charges.

Sgt. Williams, Deputy Arellano, shots fired, FM 1804; caller advised male pointed gun at another person, fired twice, provided video, Keith Averitt arrested for deadly conduct.

Deputies, pursuit, Hwy. 37; vehicle reached speeds up to 90 mph, pursuit ended after vehicle entered Rains County.

May 8

Sgt. Cox, Deputy Skinner, burglary, Hawkins; property owner heard noise coming from shed, saw person in red shirt. Deputies checked area, did not locate anyone, no items missing.

Deputy Skinner, traffic stop, Hwy. 80; cocaine located on driver, firearm located in vehicle. Leslie Smith arrested for unlawful carrying weapon, possession of controlled substance.

Sgt. Mayer, Cpl. Burdick, Deputy Comeaux, disturbance, CR 1900; husband claimed wife having mental issues, did not show any signs of mental problems, parties separated. 

Deputy Hughes, stolen vehicle, FM 14; suspect broke into victim’s house, took wallet, keys. Deputies attempted to track vehicle by GPS, unable to locate. 

May 9

Sgt. Cox, Deputy Skinner, criminal trespass, CR 3232; suspect located, trespassed from the property. 

Deputy Kovic, suspicious person, Alba; suspicious person kept harassing customers at store. Deputy transported subject to county line. 

Deputy Comeaux, assault, FM 778; victim went to neighbor’s house to discuss items she got from his daughter, he became angry, hit her with strap. While leaving, she backed into fence, made suspect more upset, knocked out her tail light, offense report for assault and criminal mischief completed.

Deputy Hughes, disturbance, Holly Lake Ranch; wife and husband got into argument, she hit him in the face. Deputy attempted to contact husband who did not answer. 

Deputy Hughes, missing car, CR 3440; discovered victim was held at gun point for the vehicle. Hawkins PD received suspicious vehicle call, was the missing car, vehicle released to owner, case forwarded to investigations.