Corner Column


After being in the Quitman office for a little over a month, I’ve enjoyed getting to know the community through my work at the Monitor.

Writing about subjects from a retired flag deposit box to new businesses and covering public meetings, I’ve found everyone helpful and welcoming while I get to report on Quitman and the surrounding areas within Wood County.

A welcoming community is one of the perks of being in a small town. Although some towns could be standoffish to those coming in, Quitman seems to embrace its growth, business- and size-wise.

For example, with new business openings, it’s great to see the enthusiasm from people of the city and they come together to support one another in each of their ventures.

The reaction to a win for the Bulldogs football team also emphasizes the community aspect Quitman has to offer. A win for the football team was a win for the town because community members care about the success of their school and its students.

Things like passionate school spirit and an appreciation for your town improve the residents’ hometown as a whole. A welcoming community makes people want to stay and become a part of family and friends.

Being a community that works together helps to draw in growth and brings new people with new ideas, such as city and county officials and businesses.

At the Old Settlers’ Reunion, I heard of people coming from near and far to the festivities. Some of the farthest included Washington and Florida. It proved the strength of the Quitman community to be recognized for its traditions of over 100 years in small East Texas town from across the country.

When people visit Quitman and are able to see the passion residents have for their home, it’s a great aspect to share within the community. Not every place has that opportunity to have that type of support. It’s rare for a town to still be that way so when it’s there people gravitate toward it.,