Driveway patching scams reported


Scams involving men patching driveways were reported to Mineola police in late January.

Shortly after 9 a.m. on Jan. 25, police were notified that two men in two vehicles approached an elderly woman at her residence on North Newsom to fix her driveway by filling in the cracks with material they had in the back of the vehicle. They told her it would cost $20. However, when they finished they wanted $500, according to police.

On Jan. 28, a scam was reported when an elderly woman on Pamela Street reported that two men approached her about patching her driveway for a small amount. The men smeared some concrete on the driveway, supposedly to fill in the cracks and then wanted $700 for the work. The police department was notified after the men left with the money, according to police.

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