Iconic aircraft descend on Wisener Field


Four gorgeous aircraft arrived to Wisener Field last weekend as the owners celebrated one of the most iconic aircraft designs in the world: the Pietenpol.  Named for automobile and aircraft designer Bernard Pietenpol, it remains one of the most airworthy planes of the early aviation era. 

Winston Larison, an airframe and powerplant mechanic from Galveston, spent 18 months building his Pieterpol. “Like most Pieterpol builders, I tried to remain as loyal to the original plans as possible,” he explained.  The 1928 design became Larison’s second airplane build, and is a fabric-on-frame aircraft.

“Most Pietenpols flew with a Model  A series engine,” Larison explained, “but I have installed a 0290G 125-horsepower Lycoming engine. I can cruise at 66 knots and have a maximum 70-mile range,” he added. Wisener Field was the fifth stop on Larison’s flight plan to make the meeting of Pietenpol enthusiasts. From Galveston, he made stops in Baytown, Cleveland, Groveton and Jacksonville.

A national group of Pietenpol builders is headquartered out of the airfield at Brodhead, Wisc., and boasts over 550 members worldwide. 

It is little wonder that the aircraft has remained so popular.  In addition to being a safe and hearty flyer, the lines of the plane are elegantly beautiful.