Inside and Outside the Picket Fence


March is just around the corner. I wonder if you agree with me, it has been a long winter. I am ready to welcome spring with open arms. The wild plum trees have started to bloom and will be followed in short order by the many varieties of spring bloomers. Watch the dogwood buds begin to swell. Overnight they seem to explode into a beauty that is hard to describe. Many of these spring bloomers can be seen at the newly renamed Wood County Arboretum and Botanical Gardens.

Our volunteers have been working on the waterwise bed. This is an interesting collection of plants that have been grouped because of their need for little or no irrigation. This collection may be viewed in front of the property line between the Arboretum and the Carroll Greene Center.

A paved walking path gives the visitor easy access to these hardy specimens, many of which are gearing up for longer days and warmer temperatures. Perhaps you noticed, layers of cardboard were placed around the base of each plant, then soaked with the hose and finally covered with a thick layer of mulch. This procedure helps with the reduction of pesky weeds as well as providing a healthy barrier between the roots of the plants and the scorching summer sun.

We are busy at the Arboretum every Wednesday. We would love to see you, and please check us out on Facebook. The coffee is on.


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