It starts with one


We stand for the flag and proudly say the pledge of allegiance. We put our right hand over our heart and belt out the star spangled banner in our best American Idol voice. We feel the lump in our throat gather and we try to swallow it down but we still just may shed a few tears. We stand to honor our flag, to honor our country and to hopefully honor the ones who fought for our grand country.

I say “hopefully” because many of these veterans have flat out gotten forgotten about. Some of these brave souls even lost their lives fighting for our freedom and our rights as citizens of the United States of America. Freedom of speech, right to bear and keep arms and freedom to pursue “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” just to name a few.

I’m writing this in hopes to stir up some desire in our community to want to give back to those who gave so much for us.

How do we start you may ask? It starts with one, just reaching out and helping just one. It’s definitely a start.

My husband and I are currently trying to help out a Vietnam veteran and we would like to move him on to our property so he can have a place to call home instead of living on the streets. (No dedicated soldier should be homeless after all they did for us.) We are reaching out to our community to anyone who may have a trailer they are willing to donate. Fixer-upper is fine, too.

The time is now. Time for us to give back to those who put up the good fight for us to keep our rights and to be able lift our heads high as Americans.

Any info or help please contact Gary Pedraza,

Heather Pedraza