Lake Fork Fishing Report

Oct. 7-13


From J & M Guide Service

What a great week here at Lake Fork Texas! The weather temperatures have cooled down which meant the water temperatures also have cooled down. The water temperatures are in the mid 70’s and the water clarity is stained due to the rain we have had this week. The Bass fishing has picked up this week because of the falling water temperatures. The Bass are moving up into the shallow water to feed on the vast balls of shad we have in the lake right now. We found that two great ways to catch the Bass were the Zoom Japanese Bluegill Trick Worm rigged wacky style and the Zoom Tomato Finesse Worm rigged on a drop shot rig. We put a nail in the wacky worm and fished it very slowly through the Hydrilla and Duckweed. The drop shot worked the best in 6 to 8 foot of water along the edges of the Hydrilla and the Duckweed. There is one other way to catch these shallow Bass, and that is by using a split shot rig and a white or pearl fluke style bait. Again, fish it very slowly!

The Crappie fishing has also picked up this week. However with the weather changing the last two days of the week the Crappie got very selective on what jig and weather they wanted a minnow or not. We found the going to a blue and white Crappie jig tipped with a minnow worked the best. Look for them in 18 to 22 foot of water around isolated brush piles.

The White Bass have continued to move up in the water column. You can find them in 20 foot of water around brush piles. Joe Spaits white with black stripe 1/2-ounce Flashtail jigging spoon worked the best. Keep the spoon within 2 foot of the top of the brush pile and jig it slowly.

The Catfish fishing was also very good this week. Cut bait and punch bait was at the top of their menu. Look for them in 16 to 20 foot of water around isolated main lake trees. Do not forget to bait the trees.

On our equipment list this week is our Ranger Z520c powered by a Mercury 250 Pro XS, Lowrance Electronics, Duckett rods, ABU Garcia reels, Stren line, Eagle Claw hooks, Zoom soft plastics and Strike King hard baits.

Now that the Berkley tournament is about here, I have just one-day open for helping you get ready for the Tournament. Give us a call at (903) 413-6919 or E-mail us at Have a safe fishing week.