Letter to the Editor



Dear Editor:

Every weekday morning starts the same. I roll out of bed at 6 a.m., plus the nine extra snooze minutes I selfishly claim. Somehow it gives me a false sense that I have control over the tiniest slot of time in my over-packed, kid-oriented day.  I make sure kids are out of bed, prompting them to take vitamins, brush their teeth, please move a little faster, don’t forget their Chromebook, and locate backpacks. You know the drill.

As the minutes quickly tick down to “go time,” then, “we have GOT to go,” and finally the red zone, “I’m leaving with or without you,” the teenagers in my house who anxiously rush towards premature adulthood move at the speed of a sedated sloth.

Silence looms as we make our ritualistic trip to school. It is a somber procession as the kids face another day of doing time, to serve their childhood penance.

This is where my day picks up. Although I relish the time, it’s not eight glorious hours without the kids.  It’s the greeting I receive when I approach and drop off my zombie teenagers.

Every morning, rain or shine, Ms. McKenzie greets each vehicle, parent, and student with un-bounding joy and enthusiasm! For years, this ray of sunshine has consistently welcomed everyone with a beautiful smile and “good morning.” While this would be enough to improve anyone’s day, for a woman of excellence such as Ms. McKenzie, “above and beyond” is in her every day character. She opens car doors, lavishes hugs, and escorts the children with an umbrella when it’s raining. She can even get my daughter to say goodbye to me – with a smile! Who is this fairy godmother who can coax humanlike behavior from such alien beings as teenagers?

So, a great big shout out to this wonderful lady!  Thank you, Ms. McKenzie, for sharing your beauty with the rest of us. I want you to know that I appreciate you. Thankfulness, joy, caring, and compassion are choices. You present this as a living example to me and my children every day. Thank you!

Sandra Andrews