Letter to the Editor


Dear Editor:

Last October, while I was out of state, I received a phone message from Officer Jeremy Smith of the Mineola Police Department advising me of an incident at my home where someone had driven a car through my front yard, causing deep ruts, hitting a newly planted tree and damaging the border around it, and spraying mud across the front of my house.

When I returned home a few days later, I learned that Officer Smith had repaired the damage to the tree border as much as possible and had cleaned the mud off the front of the house!

In my 73 years, I have lived in six states and more than 20 communities, but never have I seen a community with as much caring as I find in Mineola, and I’ve never even heard of a police officer going to such lengths to right a wrong. In my opinion, Officer Smith deserves a medal!

 Jean Koch, Mineola