Letter to the Editor


To the Editor:
As a concerned U.S. citizen, I am speechless that Washington lawmakers and President Trump have locked horns over securing America’s southern borders. In my opinion it is extremely irresponsible that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her House Democrats refuse to even meet with President Trump or give him funds to build a wall.
The USA southern border wall already in place at San Diego, Calif., El Paso, Texas and other Arizona southern border towns has shown crowds suffering at our southern border is reduced, stopping the crossing of thousands of illegal aliens and drug and human traffickers from pouring into our country.
President Trump demands the House under House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi pass a bill that funds building the wall to secure our southern borders thus protecting America’s sovereignty. Nancy says, “No!” The Democrats demand President Trump give amnesty to 798,980 Deferred Action Childhood Arrivals, DACA. President Trump says “No.”
Because of this political impasse, President Trump shut down most of the federal government, now the longest shutdown in America’s history.
Shortly after the shutdown, the Democrats left Washington to go on vacation. Instead, President Trump cancelled his Christmas vacation and his G20 trip to Davos, Switzerland to remain at his White House desk ready to negotiate a win-win deal with Nancy to secure our southern borders and give her Democrats incentive to return to Washington.
But, the Democrats and Nancy Pelosi are still missing in action.
Friday, President Trump temporarily ended the partial government shutdown; but I predict the Democrats will refuse to put America first in the name of politics.
This is Washington politics at its worst: Nancy stays home because she doesn’t want to give President Trump a political “win.” Because of politics, Nancy refuses to fund the building of the wall on our southern borders and our federal government remains closed.
For now, America loses.

Dr. Linda Rosene