Letters to the Editor


Dear Editor,

We would like to take this time to thank all who helped the Mercy Mall of Quitman and Myrtle Springs Baptist Church of Quitman in their effort to provide meals to families in need at Thanksgiving.

Thanks to the efforts of many volunteers and donations from members of Myrtle Springs Baptist Church, the Mercy Mall was able to meet the goal of 100 meals.

We would like to thank the Mineola Walmart for its support in this project. With a special thanks to the grocery manager Gregory, bakery manager Jeff along with Kristen and Katie, meat manager John also Lisa and Carol in customer service. Each of these individuals made special effort to be of assistance to us.

Gregory took time out of his day to help locate items, count, load and sort the dry goods needed. Jeff made sure that the pies and rolls we needed were available, and Kristen and Katie helped box and load them. Jeff worked with the supplier and arranged for a special delivery of the rolls. John worked with us making sure we were able to purchase the turkey gift cards needed, and Lisa scanned and loaded all 100 gift cards. Each of these went beyond what was expected of them to make this effort a success.

Also a special thanks to Tim Raemisch for making sure that the rolls needed for the meals were available and for donating 50 packages of rolls.

Once again the Mercy Mall and Myrtle Springs Baptist Church would like to thank each and everyone who helped make this project a success.

Janet Todo, director of Mercy Mall Quitman

Charles Boston, Myrtle Springs Baptist Church