Letters to the Editor


Dear Editor:

We would like to give a well-deserved shout for a local who could be considered a perennial candidate for Citizen of the Year for Mineola. This person retired from an effective career as our local travel agent to only become more busy on the volunteer scene. As a Kiwanis member she is always there for volunteer work as needed; she’s also a regular on their flag committee. Grace Health Clinic would not be the same without her. Receptionist, secretary, wherever needed, you name it, she even fills in for the director in her absence. She seems to be ever present at civic events like the Thanksgiving dinner for the needy.

Like the “Energizer Bunny” she inspires many others to step up. Let’s give a big vote of recognition, appreciation, and Happy New Year to Helen Haneline.

Sincerely, Ken and Margo Masat