Lightning halts many local gridiron games


Several games throughout East Texas were halted or not played at all as Friday night storms pelted the area.

School administration officials at several games had to make the final call. Mineola and Canton had moved their game to 6 p.m. in hopes of getting it in, but the teams were never able to take the field as lightning was striking throughout the area.

Mineola Superintendent Kim Tunnell said coach Luke Blackwell wanted to stay and play the game. “Canton made the decision to leave. I tried to get them stay because it cleared up. At 7:55 p.m. we got the all clear. They made the decision they were going to go home,” Tunnell said. “It’s a pre-season game, but we really wanted to play. We needed the game and the practice. They made the decision, they did not want to hold out.”

Quitman Superintendent Rhonda Turner met with Scurry-Rosser Superintendent James D. Sanders. Turner said the Quitman game with Scurry-Rosser was cancelled with a little over three minutes to go in the first half.

“The weather was not cooperating during Friday night’s game, but our young men had a chance to get out on the field and go head to head with a team that was packed with 24 seniors. We were aggressive and ready to fight,” Turner declared. “I know the Bulldogs were disappointed to have the game cancelled without a score, but ultimately the weather won out. The Scurry-Rosser superintendent was clear that it took ‘two teams to play and they were getting on the bus.’ There is no doubt from the preview at Cumby two weeks ago and the fight we saw Friday night, the Bulldogs are back!”

Over at Alba-Golden, the Panthers were in a battle with the Big Sandy Wildcats. Big Sandy was leading 6-0 at the half when it was decided the game would not be resumed. “We made it to the half. We didn’t have any issues, just a little delay at the beginning, but we got the game going and continued it,” Athletic Director Derek Smith observed. “Right before we came out for the second half we had some close by lightning and that put us in another 30 minute delay. It was already getting late so we decided to go ahead and call it there and not worry about it. We knew the weather was coming in.”

The Alba-Golden game will not count because it was not completed. “I think the UIL is pretty explicit they don’t count games unless you finish them.” Smith added.

This week Alba-Golden travels to Honey Grove, while Quitman goes to Union Grove and Mineola takes a trip to former district rival, Class 4A Farmersville.