Mineola Police Report

Posted 5/23/24

May 11

12:13 a.m., motorist assist, Greenville at Loop 564, mechanical issues limit speed to 30 MPH, followed to county line.

1:57 a.m., welfare concern, English, vehicle running with …

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Mineola Police Report


May 11

12:13 a.m., motorist assist, Greenville at Loop 564, mechanical issues limit speed to 30 MPH, followed to county line.

1:57 a.m., welfare concern, English, vehicle running with lights on for hours, shut off prior to officer arrival.

6:06 a.m., disturbance, Goodson Cir., couple arguing, verbal only.

7:16 a.m., welfare concern, N. Newsom, subject asleep, everything OK.

11:54 a.m., disturbance, W. Kilpatrick, child locked outside, won’t clean room, verbal only.

12:36 p.m., welfare concern, Karen, ex-husband intoxicated.

1:58 p.m., motor vehicle accident, N. Pacific at Cage, vehicle hit tree, also in hit and run in Lindale, driver taken by EMS.

3:27 p.m., information, N. Hwy. 69 at Loop 564, vehicle parked on shoulder, involved in minor traffic crash.

3:34 p.m., information, NE Loop 564, vehicle with damage and expired registration, occupied, legally parked.

4:55 p.m., theft, Meredith, brother-in-law stole package from porch, able to retrieve package.

5:25 p.m., theft, N. Greenville, items missing from inventory, gathering information for report.

7:50 p.m., unknown offense, Karen, 911 hang up, husband has fallen and can’t get up, transported to hospital.

10:42 p.m., welfare concern, NE Loop 564, small fire, officer advised fire is bonfire at nearby house, fire put out.

May 12

2:10 a.m., motorist assist, E. Loop 564, CR 2503, passenger ill, EMS denied.

7:10 a.m., city ordinance violation, Graham, barking dogs, none heard.

12:45 p.m., motor vehicle accident, N. Pacific at Meadowbrook, two vehicles, drivers denied EMS.

2:16 p.m., suspicious vehicle, NE Loop 564, truck and trailer in fire lane, gone on officer arrival.

4:18 p.m., theft, NE Loop 564, baby items, vehicle stopped, Annabelle Angel Woods arrested.

5:40 p.m., burglary, Brenda, items missing.

6:12 p.m., suspicious vehicle, S. Pacific,, vehicle at pump for an hour, waiting on gas money.

6:15 p.m., theft, NE Loop 564, male trying to return dog food that he did not come in with, left prior to officer arrival.

10:16 p.m., information, 600 blk Second, phone pole broken off at base.

May 13

4:37 a.m., welfare concern, 1700 blk S. Pacific, truck in ditch, wrecker en route.

7:41 a.m., information, S. Pacific at E. Commerce, driver reported subject attempted to run her off road.

8:19 a.m., reckless driver, Greenville at city limits, vehicle stopped, three citations issued.

11:05 a.m., suspicious vehicle, 100 blk N. Pacific, no cases on vehicle with damage.

11:25 a.m., suspicious vehicle, N. Newsom, unoccupied vehicle.

2:27 p.m., civil matter, Emily, dispute over car repair, advised subject it is civil matter.

3:19 p.m., assist other agency, E. Loop 564, sheriff’s office reported no violation.

3:42 p.m., assist other agency, Giraud, assist Alba PD with warrant, suspect in custody.

4:06 p.m., motorist assist, 1000 blk N. Pacific, vehicle out of roadway.

7:02 p.m., information, NE Loop 564, case report ready for pick up.

7:44 p.m., civil matter, 300 Greenville, referred to sheriff’s office.

May 14

9:29 a.m., welfare concern, NE Loop 564, 911 hang up, everything OK.

3:10 p.m., fraud, Goodson Cir., stolen credit cards, no theft, subject had given permission to use card, criminal trespass warning issued.

4:17 p.m., assist other agency, 1100 blk N. Newsom, downed lined, was not line but some sort of tape, removed.

4:19 p.m., information, 100 blk Newsom, vehicle passed stopped bus, unable to contact driver, directed patrol issued.

6:05 p.m., theft, Graves, bicycle stolen.

8:37 p.m., assist other agency, Greenville, assist EMS with violent patient. 

May 15

2:51 a.m., assist other agency, Sophia, assist fire department with medical call.

9:31 a.m., motorist assist, 1300 blk S. Pacific, truck lost load of scrap lumber, roadway clear.

10:36 a.m., theft, E. Broad, drink and chips taken from store, subject lethargic, transported to hospital (diabetic), no charges or criminal trespass.

12:43 p.m., assist other agency, W. Blair, EMS.

6:30 p.m., welfare concern, CR 2724, request to check on subject.

6:45 p.m., motor vehicle accident, 1000 blk S. Pacific, two vehicles, no injuries.

8:57 p.m., subject stopped, 100 blk E. Front, advice given.

10:03 p.m., vehicle stop/arrest, 200 blk E. Broad, Ryan James Morrow arrested for driving while intoxicated.

May 16

12:10 a.m., suspicious person, N. Pacific, person dropped off, needing ride, courtesy ride to Lindale.

3:27 a.m., public assist, 200 blk E. Broad, semi truck parked, driver asleep, truck moving on.

11:32 a.m., welfare concern, Sycamore, no answer for grocery delivery, neighbors advised subject taken to hospital.

1:47 p.m., motorist assist, 900 blk W. Patten, driver given ride, will move vehicle out of roadway.

4:52 p.m., welfare concern, E. Broad, subject came into business seeking information about rehab facility, unable to locate.

6:17 p.m., welfare concern, W. McDonald, wire across roadway, wire removed.

7:11 p.m., harassment, University, threatening messages on social media, officer advised no threatening messages.

9:31 p.m., information, 900 blk W. Patten, motorized scooter cover missing, may have fallen off.

11:13 p.m., civil matter, English, subject picked up daughter without issues.

May 17

12:38 a.m., disturbance, subject at house not supposed to be there, assaulted previously, subject has no criminal trespass warning and has right to be there unless properly evicted, parties separated.

12:50 a.m., reckless driver, Hwy. 37 North, high speed, unable to locate.

7:46 a.m., reckless driver, Hwy. 37 North, swerving and speeding, driver distracted by phone.

10:51 a.m., motorist assist, S. Pacific, ran out of gas.

12:49 p.m., motorist assist, 100 blk N. Pacific, motorcycle in no parking zone.

2:56 p.m., unsecured area, W. Kilpatrick, windows busted and solar panel in yard, home seems to be unoccupied.

4:11 p.m., unknown offense, Patten, 911 hang up, contact unsuccessful, aware of no issues.

7:27 p.m., assist other agency, Lake Holbrook, large fight in beach area, no fight when officer arrived, large number of people departing area.

7:28 p.m., welfare concern, Gerald, juvenile and adult arguing, spoke to juvenile, no offense occurred.

8:16 p.m., suspicious vehicle, N. Greenville, pulled into gate after hours, employee.

Officers also made 54 traffic stops and answered 20 animal control calls and two alarms.