MISD prioritizes Meredith Foundation requests


The Mineola school board recently prioritized a list of requests that will be submitted to the Meredith Foundation for possible funding in 2019.

At the top of the list is $30,000 in scholarships for graduating seniors. Scholarships are always at the top of the list for requests since this funding goes directly to students, according to Supt. Kim Tunnell, who noted that Meredith has increased the amount of scholarships over the years. 

The school district’s other priorities are to support classrooms and programs that benefit students, along with technology and materials to support expanding CTE and Fine Arts programs. The other requests are for improvements to existing facilities for fine arts and CTE due to the age of school buildings.  

Last year, the Meredith Foundation allocated $1.244 million to 13 organizations. Over the nearly 60 years the Meredith Foundation trust has existed, grants awarded to the community total nearly $31 million.

The Meredith Foundation was created and the first board organized on July 1958 after Harry Meredith decided to do something for Mineola. He arranged for a sizable part of his wealth to go to the Meredith Foundation, stipulating that it must be used to benefit the people of Mineola.

Meredith survived three wives and is believed to have moved to Mineola with his wife Mary Hunter from his hometown of Leitchfield, Ky. around 1907. He had no children. He organized Mineola State Bank at 104 N. Johnson St. and it consolidated with Mineola First National Bank in 1932. Meredith served as chairman of the board until his death in 1962.

Meredith Requests from MISD

1) Scholarships for graduating High School seniors $30,000

2) Shared Reading classroom sets for Grades K-2 $61,182

3) Chromebook charging stations for Elementary School $11,500

4) Upgrade computer lab at Middle School $21,509

5) Interactive flat panel to replace Smart Boards at High School $20,000

6) Portable risers for students for all campuses $16,208

7) Floral Design cooler for High School $5,700

8) Robotics kits update to LEGO We Do 2.0 for Primary School $3,039

9) Classroom flexible seating for Elementary School $9,500

10) Lady Bug document cameras (32) for Elementary School $10,336

11) zSpace 3 dimensional technology for High School $10,400

12) Automotive Tech shop tools $4,405

13) Band instruments - 5 tenor saxes, 6 bass clarinets $33,325

14) Wired headphones for Elementary School $6,200

15) Digital announcement and information screens $13,335

16) Show trailer to haul animals $22,490

17) Middle School band hall upgrades - carpet and acoustical panels$28,990

18) Resurface chalkboards into dry erase boards $4,000

19) Middle School library/media furniture $7,380

20) FFA project trailer $5,531

21) High School band room upgrades - acoustical panels $10,750

22) AG shop expansion for welding $45,321 - $95,171

Source: MISD


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