Quitman Mason celebrates 50 years


Membership in the Masonic Lodge runs in the Donald Vaughn’s family. He celebrated his 50 years at the Flora Lodge in Quitman on Aug. 8 with a commemorative pin.

“It just runs in my family for years and that’s been what I wanted to do,” he said. “I haven’t been as active as I wanted to be. My father was Grand Master and I had uncles involved in all three degrees of being a Mason.”

The path through Masonic membership includes three degrees: Apprentice, Fellowcraft and Master Mason. Vaughn said he wanted to finish the three degrees in three months; he came close – four months in 1958.

Derek Spitzer, 2018-19 Master of the Lodge since July, has been a member for five years. He congratulated Vaughn on the longevity of his service as a Mason.

“It’s a distinguished honor that isn’t reached by many,” Spitzer said. “To be a Mason for 50 years is a very proud achievement.”

Vaughn says a favorite memory is of attending a Mason event with his father and uncles at the Gladewater rodeo grounds.

Vaughn’s father also served the lodge for 50 years. “I have two 50 year pins because of my dad’s pin.” He hopes to continue with the lodge, but notes he’s getting older. He added that he will still pay the dues.

The Masonic Lodge is an all volunteer organization with meetings once a month. When people want to be a Mason, they can ask and find help to become one.

“It’s a fraternity of men and it’s based on a belief in God. And it’s all good men,” Vaughn said. “It feels like a family brotherhood. We refer to each other as brothers in the lodge.”