Quitman spring livestock show sees higher turnout


Despite increased competition, Quitman Young Farmers still brought home the bacon at the 2019 Spring Livestock Show on Feb. 23.

The show, hosted by Quitman, had a total of 177 entries, an increase of 50 compared to last spring’s livestock show. Quitman students stood out, earning 34 awards in multiple contests, including steers, breeding heifers, commercial heifers, dairy heifers, hogs and goats.

The following are Quitman students’ livestock show results:


•Brenley von Reyn: third place in class steer

•Sierra Williams: fifth place in class steer


•Elijah Hean: seventh place in class lamb


•Joey Teter: seventh place in class goat

•Kinlee Baker: second place in class goat


•Aleigh Farnham: second place in class hog/cross

•Brooke Lee: fifth place in class hog/cross

•Hunter Wilcox: third place in class hog/ cross

•Kameran Farnham: first place in class hog/hamp and reserve breed champion hog/hamp

•Addison Glidewell: third place in class hog/hamp

•Caleb Hamby: third place in class hog/York

•Brooke Lee: first place in class hog/York, breed champion in hog/York and grand champion hog

Breeding Heifers

•Marcus Pollard: second place in class Beefmaster

•Kathryn Hudman: first place in class Santa Gertrudis and reserve breed champion Santa Gertrudis

•Kori Hammond: first place in class Angus and breed champion Angus

•Avery von Reyn: reserve breed champion Hereford and reserve division champion British

•Brenley von Reyn: second place in class Limousin

•Hunter Hart: first place in class Chianina and breed champion Chianina

•Isabelle Hart: first place in class Chianina and reserve breed Chianina

Commercial Heifers

•Joisalyn Tarno: second place in class commercial heifer

•Kori Hammond: second place in class commercial heifer, first place in class commercial heifer and grand champion commercial heifer

•Avery von Reyn: third place in class commercial heifer

Dairy Heifers

•Nicholas O’Neal: grand champion dairy heifer

•Alexis O’Neal: reserve champion dairy heifer

“This show helps our students get prepared for the Wood County Junior Livestock Show on April 4-6,” said Quitman agricultural sciences teacher and FFA adviser Brant Lee.


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