Sales tax receipts stay strong


Despite many businesses being closed two months or longer, sales tax revenues in Wood County have held strong.

Except for a large drop in Hawkins, the June report from the state comptroller’s office shows retail sales held up for the remaining cities and the county.

The June report represents sales made in April and reported by retailers to the state in May.

Cities and the county are rebated their share of retail sales taxes monthly.

Wood County cities each collect a 1.5% tax on top of the 6.25% state sales tax, and Wood County collects an additional half-cent.

Combined, the six cities and the county earned $643,040 in June compared to $640,824 in June 2019.

That was in spite of a drop from $93,369 last year to $31,042 for Hawkins.

Yantis also saw a slight dip, from $8,688 last year to $7,014 this year.

Remaining cities reported good gains, with Alba seeing a 28% increase from $12,783 to $16,431.

Mineola saw a gain of almost 10% from $173,463 to $190,197.

Quitman had an 11% increase from $64,192 to $71,369.

Winnsboro booked a 33% increase from $97,879 in 2019 to $129,960 this year.

The county rebate of $197,025 was up 3.45% from a year ago.

For the first half of the year, the six cities plus the county have seen an increase of $300,000 in sales tax income.

The large monthly drop left Hawkins trailing last year by 20%, but the other cities and the county remain ahead of the record pace set in 2019 by 7% or more.

Alba’s sales tax income has risen by more than 50% since last year. The city has earned $118,818 this year compared to $77,670 for the first half of last year.

Hawkins has dropped from $205,134 to $163,318.

Mineola sales tax receipts total $1,170,819 compared to $1,091,106 a year ago, which is up by 7.3%.

Quitman has received $409,447, for an 11% gain from  $368,999.

Winnsboro receipts are up 11.5% to $645,276.

Yantis remains up for the year by 7.7% at $43,852.

Combined the six cities have earned $2,551,532 compared to $2,362,293.

The county has received $1,133,932, up 11% from last year when $1,020,802 was received.

Combined, sales taxes have generated $3,685,464 for the six cities and the county compared to $3,383,095 in June 2019.