Shelter provides fireworks tips for animals


Arrange to have your animal a place where there won’t be loud fireworks displays such as a friend’s or relative’s home or a doggie day care with which your dog is familiar.

If you cannot take your animal to a place away from fireworks, then have a travel kennel at home for her to feel safe in. If you’re not going to be home, have a friend or sitter there to keep your animals company and take them out to relieve themselves every four hours.

The best way to prepare your animals for fireworks is to make sure they’re comfortable with the sound in advance. While this is a simple process, it can take time. Try different sounds in a comfortable and safe location. 

If you do find it necessary to use medication to calm your animal during the fireworks, remember that you must introduce any such tool at the right time, conditioning your animal to understand that the medication is there to bring them to a calm state. Please consult your veterinarian for the right solution for you and your pet.

If you are going to be with your animal or livestock during the fireworks, sending the calming message that they are nothing to worry about will also help him or her to relax.

Livestock are sometimes forgotten during these events. Please make sure you have prepared them also. If your livestock are in the pasture you could possibly make arrangements for boarding or securing them in a stall for the evening if you know there will be a firework show near your location.

If your animal becomes lost please call the Mineola Animal Shelter at 903-569-6294 or email photo and info to