Letter to the editor

The Forgotten Who Serve


Dear editor:

I wrote this in response to a kind veteran’s wife who thanked me with a card this day.

The Forgotten Who Serve

“Thank you for your service” is often heard,

But backstage are others who deserve a good word.

Silently waiting in the wings as lonely days pass,

Praying their better half will return safely at last.

Always aware sad news could arrive at the door,

As the price of foreign policy takes down one more.

Who can be proud of these killing fields,

That wounded warriors too often yield?

And little thought or mention of the great cost,

To the millions of foreign families broken and lost.

When will these senseless wars ever end,

And we can be proud to serve once again?

We can only pray for leaders with good sense,

And emphasize peace over this costly expense.

“Blessed are the peacemakers” as Jesus once said,

So send legislative war mongers back to their bed.

Ken Masat, Alba

Vietnam vet