Tower going up in Golden


Golden is receiving a new communications tower.

InSight Wireless and Towers of Virginia is constructing a 300-foot, wide-based triangular communications tower at the location of the previous 400-foot tower on County Road 2922.

Although the new tower is 100 feet shorter than the previous tower, it possesses greater carrying capacity.

The old tower was load-maximized and could support no additional antenna. A temporary truck-mobile tower is being used until the replacement tower is put in commission.

According to the on-site installers, the footings from the old tower still met federal specifications and are being reused.

Construction is about a quarter complete. The installation should be completed in several weeks. Construction is being complicated by the cramped location adjacent to electrical lines, homes and other structures.

A large crane is obligated to stand-off approximately 80 feet, a less than optimal lift position, due to the site constraints.

The construction crew is based in Albuquerque, N.M., and is being temporarily lodged in Emory.


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