Wood County Sheriff’s Report

Posted 3/10/22

February 23

Deputy Andrew Rapp, FM 1643, suspicious people walking back and forth in front of a residence, said they were waiting for a ride.

Deputy Delton Graves, Hwy. 69, traffic stop, …

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Wood County Sheriff’s Report


February 23

Deputy Andrew Rapp, FM 1643, suspicious people walking back and forth in front of a residence, said they were waiting for a ride.

Deputy Delton Graves, Hwy. 69, traffic stop, Cody Keaton Kovarik, 29, of Tyler arrested, parole violation.

Deputy Brad Cox, welfare check,  FM 779, individual having some pain but not needing EMS.

Deputy Linda Williams, item on side of road, box contained drug paraphernalia.

Deputy Williams, welfare check, CR 4530, individual OK.

Deputy Williams, medical emergency, CR 4139, individual had passed, funeral home and justice of peace contacted.

Sgt. Heather Bailey, welfare concern, PR 869, individual and 1-year-old living in house with no electricity.

Deputy Jeff Baldwin, runaway, Cimarron Trail, made phone contact, taken back home.

Deputy Brad Cox assisted man, CR 4510, bull got out, unable to get back in pasture.

Sgt. Jaclyn Skinner and Deputy Baldwin, Pleasant Hill Ln., suicidal subject, intoxicated, denied being suicidal, released to family member.

Deputy Cox, controlled burn, Hwy. 154, asked to put out, too close to trees.

Deputy Baldwin, alarm, FM 2869, everything clear.

Deputy Rapp, criminal trespass, CR 1413, party caught someone on property, photographs taken, case forwarded to Criminal Investigation Division (CID).

February 24

Deputy Williams and Sgt. Bailey, welfare check, Hwy. 37 from out-of-county agency, individuals not located.

Deputy Jim Rapp, Evening Shadows Trail, party unable to reach friend, no vehicle, no one answered door, residence secure.

Deputy Rapp checked location with lots of trash.

Deputy Cox, CR 2110, neighbor shooting outside, did not see or hear shooting.

Sgt. Skinner, welfare check, Kickapoo, no one answered door, no dog on property.

Deputy Matthew Cooper, Hwy. 37, subject possibly doing drugs in vehicle, unable to locate.

February 25

Sgt. Skinner, CR 4579, suspicious vehicle, homeowner aware.

Deputy Andrew Morrison, animal welfare, CR 2121, shelter and restraints compliant with laws.

Sgt. Austin Milbourn and Deputy Morrison, CR 2952, disturbance, Shantel Cobb, 29, Grand Saline arrested, assault causes bodily injury/family violence – impede breathing/circulation.

Deputy Jonah Croney, animal concern, CR 4471, cattle in pens too small, owner advised water and food put out daily, cattle appear healthy, muddy conditions caused by recent weather.

Sgt. Milbourn, alarm, CR 2930, location secured, keyholder contacted.

Deputy Morrison, vehicle unoccupied on side of roadway.

Deputy Benjamin Whisenhunt and Sgt. Milbourn, Hwy. 51, burglary of building, broken window, building cleared, report forwarded to CID.

February 26

Deputy Melissa Pollard, individual advised ex-husband harassing her, gave information how to handle the situation.

Deputy Baldwin, loud music call, Geronimo, unable to locate music or noise.

Sgt. Milbourn and Deputy Croney, shots fired, FM 2225, did not locate any gunshots.

Deputy Cox, theft, CR 2121, vehicle stolen.

Sgt. Milbourn, alarm, CR 2720, family at location cleaning, keyholder contacted.

Deputy Croney, CR 2373, shots fired, neighbor shooting in direction of house, shot landed on house, advised of severity of situation.

Deputy Croney, CR 3849, dog tangled around dog house, individual tending to dog advised would untangle.

Sgt. Milbourn, eviction, questions answered.

Deputy Croney, multiple calls, loud explosion, unable to pinpoint.

February 27

Sgt. Milbourn, CR 2281, mental health crisis, agreed to go voluntarily to hospital for evaluation.

Deputy Whisenhunt, Spur 514, alarm, area secure, no signs of criminal activity, left message.

Deputy Croney and Sgt. Milbourn, disturbance, one party had left, landlord advised other party could assist resident moving out.

Deputy Croney, theft, CR 1336, air conditioner stolen, forwarded to CID.

Sgt. Milbourn, family situation resolved.

Deputy Croney, subject lying in ditch, FM 779, gone before arrival.

February 28

Deputy Cox and Deputy Baldwin, disturbance, CR 1658, reporting party and son had argument, son left, to stay in hotel for the night.

Deputy Cooper, FM 3056, suspicious odor, from a skunk.

Sgt. Skinner, assist motorist, FM 14, vehicle pulling trailer with smoldering leaves and branches, used fire extinguisher and followed to location to use water hose.

Deputy Baldwin, theft, PR 7991, several large items missing from around residence, report forwarded to CID.

Deputy Cooper, PR 7221, document incident where party’s son, who suffers from mental disorders, broke her phone.

Deputy Baldwin, criminal mischief, Mohican Drive, doors and windows tampered with, extra patrol requested.

Deputy Rapp spoke, information about Lake Winnsboro.

Sgt. Bailey, disturbance, CR 1970, caller refused to cooperate.

Deputy Rapp , request for criminal trespass from residence, criminal trespass warning issued, individual also wished to have subject criminally trespassed, also issued.

Deputy Williams, welfare concern, man advised did not wish to harm himself but was intoxicated, did not wish to get medical treatment and was going to sleep.

Deputy Williams, FM 1647, criminal trespass, man came onto property asking for ride, unable to locate.

Deputy Rapp, trash issue, FM 49, trash piling up at residence blowing into other people’s yards, told homeowner trash needed to be picked up.

Deputy Williams, theft report, PR 8526, 500-gallon propane tank stolen, tire marks left, possible suspect given.

Deputy Pollard, Quitman St., criminal trespass, other resident also wanted same individual criminally trespassed, made contact with the man, told residents to contact sheriff’s office if he returns.

Deputy Pollard, man walking on Hwy. 154, due to weather, gave him a ride.

Deputy Andrew Rapp, CR 4595, missing person, missing father sometimes goes to attic, located with mattress, food, water and phone, refused to come down.

Deputy Pollard, CR 2110, shots fired call, no one able to pinpoint, unable to locate source.

March 1

Sgt. Skinner, traffic hazard, Loop 564, abandoned on roadway, towed by on-call wrecker.

Deputy Williams, welfare check, CR 4135, individual missed doctor’s appointment, unable to make contact.

Deputy Rapp, tires dumped, CR 3427, will follow up.

Deputy Williams, theft, PR 8692, sign stolen, forwarded to CID.

Deputy Williams and Deputy Bonnie Sepulvado, disturbance, CR 4390, verbal argument, events over several days, parties calmed down, made amend, advised everything OK.

Deputy Cox, welfare check, FM 14, individual was fine, stated landline phone needed to be charged. 

Deputy Cox checked, alarm, CR 2330, property appeared secured, contact unsuccessful.

Deputy Baldwin, fire, CR 4294, fire department contacted.

Deputy Cooper,  CR 2651, vehicle unable to maintain single lane, request to search denied. Sgt. Milbourn deployed canine, alerted, search conducted, drug paraphernalia discovered.  Melissa Nicole Boaz, 42, of Mineola arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia.

Deputy Cooper, CR 2270, cow mooing, did not hear anything, unable to contact reporting party.

Deputy Cooper, CR 2275, abandoned trailer, owner arrived on scene, ball hitch broke off.