Wood County Sheriff’s Report

Posted 5/5/22

April 20

Deputy Kovic, abandoned trailer, Private Road 6882, land owners advised trailer on property two weeks, would like it removed, owner contacted, given one final day to remove or it would be …

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Wood County Sheriff’s Report


April 20

Deputy Kovic, abandoned trailer, Private Road 6882, land owners advised trailer on property two weeks, would like it removed, owner contacted, given one final day to remove or it would be towed.

Deputy Baldwin, disturbance, County Road 2134, victim stated she had been hit in head by boyfriend, did appear to have swelling, unable to locate suspect, emergency protective order will be put in place.

Sgt. Cox, shots fired, County Road 3955, homeowner advised someone had broken into house, shot intruder, deputies unable to locate subject deceased, family advised subject being treated for Alzheimer’s, homeowner’s son removed firearms.

Deputy Kovic, criminal mischief, FM 779, land owner advised culvert installer looking for property next door, as installer left, drove through caller’s driveway, broke cut-off valve, caller needed report for insurance company.

Deputy Kovic , theft, FM 49, homeowner advised saw someone messing with truck the night before, did not get up to check it; following day was missing a table saw, camera footage showed possible shadow moving something away, did not wish to pursue charges.

Deputy Rapp, dispute, County Road 2110, caller’s girlfriend advised she was breaking up with caller and would like him to get stuff and leave, caller given transport away from residence.

Deputy Williams, animal concern, County Road 4940, observed dog to have food, low on water, owner notified, stated would check on dog.

Deputy Cooper, terroristic threat, Private Road 7495, victim stated ex-husband, who lives on same property, started cursing at her and flipped her off, victim did have video of incident, suspect will be charged with harassment.

Deputy Kovic, property dispute, S. Hwy. 37; caller upset neighbor had items on his property, items removed, caller advised to handle situation through court.

Deputy Mayer, passed-out person, FM 2088; knocked on vehicle window, woke up person, appeared disoriented, odor of alcohol. Jesse Combs, 41, Big Sandy arrested for public intoxication.

April 21

Investigator Bowring, individuals, 154 and FM 515 standing in roadway, panhandling, issued citation for solicitation by pedestrian. 

Sgt Sepulvado and Sgt Cox, animal complaint, County Road 4878, multiple animals on property, dead goat found, another goat sick; owner advised giving sick goat medicine and would take to vet, will be checked on later.

Deputy Rapp, theft, complainant advised someone staying at brother’s house during probate; after probate finished, individual left, took items, notified to return them, stated they wouldn’t; complainant would like to file charges, forwarded to investigations.

Deputy Cooper, burglary, FM 2869, someone tried to climb through daughter’s window; located signs of entry and someone walking up to window, evidence documented. 

Deputy Rapp, suicidal subject, Holly Lake Ranch; unable to locate individual, given phone number for subject, made contact, stated did not want to hurt himself or others.

Deputy Cooper, warrant service, County Road 2164. Matthew Robbins, 23, Quitman arrested, Van Zandt County warrant.

Deputy Baldwin, mental health crisis, County Road 2290; individual did show signs of having episode, transported to UT North.

Deputy Cooper, criminal trespass, S. FM 14; employee at business advised needed subject criminally trespassed, subject located at residence, criminally trespassed.

April 22

Deputy Mayer, CR 1970, suspicious circumstance, party stated found blood in rental cabin, renter cut himself during a fall.

Deputy A. Rapp, CR 1560, shots fired, individuals admitted shooting earlier but had finished, stated shooting in safe direction while target practicing.

Deputy A. Rapp, animal call, FM 2088; reported dogs in small cages, did not locate any dogs.

Warrant service, Wildwood Trail. Gabrielle Leeann Hayes, 29, arrested, found to have large amount of narcotics, stolen property; items investigated.

Deputy Croney, vehicle on property subject was renting to individual, CR 4283, advised would be civil issue until appropriate ownership paperwork could be located.

Deputy Croney, FM 3056, civil matter; husband, whom subject divorcing, on property taking items, not supposed to be on property, parties advised no items could be removed until divorce finalized and there was civil standby.

Deputy Croney, subject kicked out of vehicle, FM 515 and Hwy 154; subject stated he got out of vehicle because he didn’t want to go with mother, given a ride home, mother stated no offense occurred.

Deputy Whisenhunt and Sgt. Milbourn, alarm, church in Hawkins area; building cleared, found unoccupied.

Sgt. Milbourn, burglary, Holly Hill Cir.; civil issue between reporting party and ex-wife; ex-wife had not been inside residence, there to get belongings, reporting party placed items outside door.

Deputy Whisenhunt, forgery and identity theft, Greenbriar Trail.

Deputy Whisenhunt, alarm, FM 2869; building had unlocked door, cleared, no signs of criminal activity.

Deputy Gould, abandoned vehicle, Hwy. 154, off roadway, not causing traffic hazard.

Deputy Gould, Beulah St., party made agreement with person to trade cars, vehicle would not start, asked deputy to go with him to tell person to give car back; man advised this was civil issue. Party later attempted to get original vehicle back, told to get off property, refused to leave.

Deputy Andrew Morrison, vehicle burglary, Peaceful Woods Tr.; party stated overnight someone had burglarized vehicle, report forwarded to CID.

Deputy Baldwin and Deputy Cooper, disturbance, PR 6304; individual stated son seemed to be having mental health issues, deputies found door damaged, would not open, son located, appeared to be under influence  of illegal narcotic. After detaining son deputies spoke further with father, advised he was asleep in recliner when son flipped it over, knocking him out. Son had mallet, threatening to kill him, grabbed aluminum pipe, began hitting him. Harlie Levi Gill, 24, Mineola arrested, aggravated assault family violence with a weapon.

April 23

Deputy Mayer, CR 3582, suspicious circumstance. EMS called to check on female who left, believed to be under influence of alcohol. Sgt. Hanner located female driving, pursuit followed, ended in Upshur County with the assistance of Upshur County deputies. Gabriela Sarahi Hernandez Maldonado, 30, Winnsboro arrested, evading arrest or detention with vehicle.

Deputy Mayer checked Lake Quitman when reporting party stated son left her tent at location after having too much to drink.

Deputy Mayer, individual wished to document items taken from family property, FM 2869; no charges filed.

Deputy A. Rapp, FM 3056, criminal trespass; party requested criminal trespass for son-in-law threatening her; warning issued by phone, documented on body camera.

Deputy A. Rapp, Sgt. Hanner and Deputy Mayer, disturbance, Lake Quitman; verbal dispute between campers, no charges filed.

Deputy A. Rapp, Lake Holbrook, two vehicles allegedly speeding while intoxicated, unable to locate.

Deputy Morrison and Sgt. Milbourn, disturbance, CR 2149; only verbal, no offense; male subject unable to go to another location due to level of intoxication; female advised would not leave, denied request for relocation; incident report completed.

Deputy A. Rapp, suspicious circumstance, Hwy. 80; party stated man came to door, asked if he could sleep there, told to go away, still there 30 minutes later, unable to locate anyone.

Deputy Whisenhunt, CR 3250, suspicious vehicle; contact unsuccessful,  party informed no signs of criminal activity.

Deputy Morrison, Peaceful Woods Trail, burglary of vehicle; someone had gotten into vehicle overnight,  left unlocked, report forwarded to CID.

Deputy Andrew Morrison, subject bitten, CR 2482; contact unsuccessful with dog owner, would continue to try for proof of vaccination.

Deputy Pollard, 17-year-old had left residence, refusing to come home; past reports for this individual. Spoke with person but unable to locate.

April 24

Deputy Andrew Morrison, Loop 564, found property, bicycle, did not match any reported as stolen.

Sgt. Milbourn, disturbance, business in Yantis; actor left scene prior to officer arrival.

Deputy A. Rapp, alarm,CR 2330; keyholder advised accidental alarm.

Deputy Morrison, disturbance, Orchard St.; party stated in relationship with individual, moved in with her, had a verbal argument because they could not get along, had family on the way. She was transported to location where family could pick her up.

Deputy Morrison, CR 1901, criminal trespass.; individual recently evicted from property, observed inside residence. Conchita Frances Garcia, 61, Quinlan arrested for criminal trespass.

Deputy Pollard, suspicious person, CR 3230; elderly man observed walking down road, ducked into empty trailer, located man, returned to residence.

Deputy Pollard, panic alarm, CR 3875, everything OK.

Deputy Pollard, alarm, FM 2869, checked, found secure.

Deputy Mayer, disturbance, CR 1885, verbal dispute only, no offense.

Sgt. Milbourn, damaged property, individual recently left RV on father’s property, FM 2869; non-compliant sex offender, case forwarded to CID, warrant issued.

Deputy Whisenhunt, alarm, Bonita, residence secure, no signs of criminal activity.

Deputy A. Rapp, CR 2260, loud music, turned off prior to arrival.

April 25

Deputy J. Rapp, suspicious vehicle, business in Holly Lake, belonged to employee.

Deputy Cooper, motorcycle committed traffic violation, driver refused to stop, throwing items out of pockets, stopped, ran on foot. Brent Stewart Vicknair, 30, Canton arrested for evading arrest or detention with a vehicle.

Deputy Williams, FM 69, alarm, location secure, attempted to contact key holder, left message.

Deputy J. Rapp, illegal dumping, party did not dump the trash, but believes knows who did; would pick up trash, wanted it documented that trash was dumped on property.

Deputy Mayer, FM 515, suspicious vehicle in front of storage gate, power out, gate would not open.

Deputy Kovic, Hwy. 80, neighbor shooting BBs across property. Due to extensive history with neighbor, incident report filed.

Deputy Williams, theft, FM 17; fish finders stolen from boat, unsure where, advised to contact agency where last seen.

Deputy Kovic, two individuals arguing on side of CR 2918, just discussing vehicle issues.

Deputy J. Rapp, CR 3546, illegal dumping, located paperwork with name and address, attempted to contact individuals, no one home.

April 26

Deputy Kovic, animal complaint, CR 2302; dogs breaking down fencing, getting onto property, causing damage; owners contacted, informed could be held civilly liable for damages, agreed to fix fencing or get rid of dogs.

Deputy Kovic, CR 2220, aggressive dogs; complainant showed dogs’ location, able to follow for a ways before losing them.

Deputy Cooper, FM 1799, vehicle with defective equipment, strong odor of burnt marijuana from vehicle, methamphetamines located. Corene Driskell McCarmack, 63, Mineola arrested for possession of a controlled substance pg 1 <1g analog.

Deputy Williams, burglary, FM 2966; party noticed door to residence open, busted around door knob. No items stolen, case forwarded to CID.

Deputy Baldwin, CR 3147, neighbors shooting, rounds hitting house; unable to locate where shots coming from.

Deputy Williams, CR 4870, property damage; mailbox damaged, did not wish to press charges, wanted to file incident report.

Deputy Williams, criminal mischief, CR 4860.; mailboxes damaged overnight, not wanting to press charges, wishes incident be reported.

Deputy Cooper, suspicious person, CR 1503; individual cleaning residence for Air BNB.