Wood County Sheriff’s Report

Posted 5/9/24

April 24

Cpl. Croney, theft, Hwy. 154; victim had been selling items online, some items were missing, property owner advised he let a male sell them due to being left on the property for so …

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Wood County Sheriff’s Report


April 24

Cpl. Croney, theft, Hwy. 154; victim had been selling items online, some items were missing, property owner advised he let a male sell them due to being left on the property for so long, items retrieved, returned to owner.

Capt. Chilson, Sgt. Perkins, Sgt. Morrison, Cpl. Croney, possible burglary in progress; contact made with subject who was a resident, previously kicked out, homeowner was advised subject would need to be evicted.

Cpl. Burdick, property damage, FM 515; victim advised male backed into vehicle and left, deputies contacted suspect, obtained insurance information.

Sgt. Williams, Deputy Williams, structure fire, Alba; homeowner charging golf cart battery, possibly started fire, fire marshal notified.

April 25

Cpl. Croney, theft; male who was moved off property kept coming back, stealing items, criminal trespass warning issued to suspect.

Sgt. Williams, Deputy Williams, verbal disturbance, CR 1681; neighbors parking in caller’s yard, verbal altercation occurred, deputies spoke with neighbors, advised they would not park in yard anymore. After deputies left, received another call that one of the neighbors displayed firearm. Allen Hinson arrested for deadly conduct.

Sgt. Williams, theft, Yantis; store manager advised subject left with items they did not pay for, did not wish to pursue charges, suspect paid for items.

Cpl. Burdick, reckless driver, CR 4890; stopped due to expired registration and license plates, suspected meth, marijuana located. Adrian Bowers arrested for possession of controlled substance. 

April 26

Deputy Nichols, suspicious vehicle, Hwy. 182; two tanker trucks backed up to creek, drivers advised they were cleaning creek from previous oil spill.

Cpl. Smith, theft, CR 3270; someone stole prescription pills, victim provided possible suspect, offense report completed.

Sgt. Mayer, stolen vehicle, CR 2935; family member posted victim’s vehicle for sale on Facebook without permission, vehicle had been sold multiple times, title not changed, unable to contact original owner.

Deputy Way, disturbance, Hwy. 80; husband assaulted victim, ran over foot causing injuries, victim taken by EMS, unable to locate suspect, offense report completed.

April 27

Cpl. Rapp, abandoned vehicle, FM 1801; partially in roadway, unable to locate contact information for owner, vehicle towed.

Sgt. Cox, abandoned vehicle, CR 3419; someone left vehicle on property, deputies learned vehicle involved in previous assault, had vehicle towed. Hawkins PD advised suspect spoke with them, deputy spoke with suspect, victim unsure if she wanted to press charges.

Cpl. Smith, possible burglary, CR 2503; male trying to pry open door on building, located suspect, no signs of pry marks observed, suspect criminally trespassed from property.

Deputy Haley, dispute, CR 3984; victim awakened to laser shining in her eyes from neighbor’s residence. Deputies viewed security camera footage showing laser beam going into victim’s window, offense report completed.

April 28

Sgt. Cox, missing item; caller ate at restaurant, phone missing, called restaurant, no one had turned in phone, will view cameras to locate possible suspect.

Deputy Way, assault, FM 14; victim in verbal altercation with husband when he pulled knife,  put it up to her throat, offense report completed.

Deputy Way, violation of a protection order, FM 1795; victim had protection order against ex-husband, he showed up near her residence. Deputies learned suspect’s listed address is next door to victim. 

Deputy Comeaux, neighbor dispute, CR 3984; victim stated neighbor shining laser into window again. Deputies observed light which was blue light, not laser. 

April 29

Sgt. Morrison, warrant service, FM 1799; deputy observed vehicle he knew belonged to person with active warrants, waited for them to leave store, believed wanted person waiting for law enforcement to leave, he entered store. Lori Rush arrested for active warrants.

Deputy Pollard, criminal trespass, Private Road 5551; caller advised criminally trespassed female was back on property, deputies learned caller allowed female to come onto property, advised criminal trespass would have to be renewed.

Deputy Cato, property damage, FM 2869; victim emptying out coin machine, observed one had been damaged, provided security footage of suspect, offense report completed.

Cpl. Burdick, traffic stop, Hwy. 69; driver became uncooperative, detained, deputy assaulted multiple times while putting driver in his unit, baggie of suspected meth located. Ellyn Black arrested for resisting arrest, possession of controlled substance.

April 30

Sgt. Morrison, Deputy Pollard, assault, CR 4870; victim assaulted, multiple visible injuries, suspect Jeremiah Phillips located next door at residence, taken into custody for assault family violence. 

Sgt. Morrison, Cpl. Croney, suicidal subject; Hopkins County advised male told them he was going to harm himself, subject made threats to harm himself, detained, transported to receive treatment.

Cpl. Burdick, Deputy Williams, physical disturbance; Alba PD detained juvenile that assaulted her mother. Juvenile Probation called, advised to transport juvenile to ER to be evaluated. 

Deputy Cato, Jarvis, disturbance after the fact; security advised female wanted to press charges, subject had no visible injuries or pain, suspect issued citation, offense report completed.