A little on-the-road football Friday


Alba-Golden is at Como-Pickton, Mineola heads across the county to Winnsboro and Quitman is at Arp.

Winnsboro takes the opening kickoff and drives for a touchdown in four plays, leads Mineola 6-0 after the missed extra point.

The Mineola running game answers with a 51-yard drive to take the lead 8-6 after a botched snap leads to a 2-point pass, Noah Turner to Braydon Alley. Dawson Pendergrass got the 1-yard TD.

Mineola defense forces a three-and-out. Result is a short field at the Red Raider 43.

Alley gets the 23-yard touchdown pass from Pendergrass and Turner puts the Jackets up 15-6 late in the first quarter.

Como-Pickton leads Alba-Golden 6-0.

Winnsboro answers quickly to pull within 15-12. The 2-point try fails. Still late first quarter. (28 seconds to go)

Como-Pickton adds to its lead, 12-0 over Alba-Golden.

The AG Panthers come back with a TD and it's 12-7.

Mineola runs off several minutes but has to punt; Winnsboro takes over at its 22.

Another quick drive and Winnsboro has it in the end zone in five plays to retake the lead 19-15. 5:28 left in the half.

Winnsboro gets it back on an interception returned to the Mineola 35.

Two plays to the end zone and the lead is 25-15 Winnsboro over Mineola, 2:36 til halftime.

No score for Arp and Quitman after one quarter.

At the half Quitman and Arp are tied at 6-6.

Mineola gets back on the board with a running drive capped by a Pendergrass run to make it 25-22 with 54 seconds left.

Alba-Golden scores to take the halftime lead 13-12.

Mineola ends the final Winnsboro push with an interception and its 25-22 at halftime.

Mineola takes the second half kickoff and moves into Winnsboro territory on the ground.

The Jackets burn up more than six and and a half minutes for a scoring drive, all running plays, retaking the lead at 29-25. Pendergrass got the final yard.

Alba-Golden adds a score and leads Como-Pickton 20-12.

Winnsboro has its first long drive of the night getting deep into Mineola territory.

Late in the third period and Winnsboro is back on top, 32-29. 52 seconds left in the quarter.

Last play of the third quarter is a 74-yard run to the end zone by Pendergrass. Mineola leads 36-32.

Arp pulling away from Quitman 27-6.

Winnsboro takes over at midfield and quickly gets to the Mineola 20.

Two plays later and the Red Raiders are back in front, 39-36. It took less than a minute.

Arp extends its lead over Quitman, 34-6.

Mineola drive stalls at the Winnsboro 37. Seven minutes left.

Alba-Golden closes out the win over Como-Pickton 20-12.

Winnsboro drives into Mineola territory and taking time off the clock.

The clock goes under one minute with Winnsboro inside the Mineola 10.

The Red Raiders get the win 39-36.

Arp defeats Quitman 41-6.