Friday finale


Mineola and Quitman wrap up the regular season tonight with home football games.

Mineola hosts Commerce with a playiff spot on the line.

Quitman hosts Winona trying to get a district win.

It's a bye week for Alba-Golden as the Panthers prepare for next week's start of the playoffs.

Braydon Alley with  a 33-yard touchdown run to put Mineola on the board following an interception by Ainsley Steward, and the Yellowjackets lead 7-0 after the Noah Turner extra point kick.

Commerce answers with a scoring drive and it's 7-6 Mineola after a botched kick.

Alley hits Colton McMahon from midfield and another score, 14-6 Mineola late in the first quarter.

End of the first quarter with Commerce driving again.

A 27-yard Commerce field goal makes it 14-9 after a stop inside the 10-yard line.

Quitman opens with a scoring drive of almost five minutes to lead Winona 6-0.

A quick drive after a good kick return gives Winona the lead 7-6 over Quitman.

Following an interception, Commeerce grabs the lead 16-14 with 6:05 left in the half.

End of one quarter in Quitman with the Bulldogs driving.

Bulldogs score to open the second quarter and lead 12-7.

Commerce pins the Jackets at the one, then recovers a fumble at the three and scores to lead 23-14 with 2:48 left in the half.

With 3:03 left in the half Quitman extends its lead to 20-7 over Winona.

Commerce hits a long pass with 21 second left in the half and leads Mineola 30-14.

And that's the halftime score in Mineola.

Quitman leads Winona 28-7 at the half.

Commerce scores on the first play of the second half to lead Mineola 36-14.

Mineola stalls near the Commerce goal line on a controversaial spot, and Commerce gets the long run to lead 42-14.

Mineola loses a fumble at its 42.

Quitman pulling away from Winona 36-7.

Commerce needs two plays to score and its 49-14.

Third quarter ends with Mineola trailing 49-14.

Winona narrows the lead to 36-14 but Quitman responds and makes the lead 42-14 in the third quarter.

Mineola gets a score to make it 49-21 and then gets a stop defensively at midfield. Six minutes to play.

With 47 seconds left in the 3rd quarter, Winona scores to make it 42-21 Quitman.

Commerce takes the win 49-21 and eliminates Mineola from the playoffs.

With three quarters in the books, Quitman leads Winona 42-21.

Quitman strikes again and the two-point conversion gives the Bulldogs 50 points with 7:32 to play.

With 3:10 to play the Bulldogs have made it 58-21 over Winona.

Elsewhere in District 5-3A, Mt. Vernon defeated Pottsboro 45-38 to claim second place at 4-2 behind unbeaten Winnsboro, putting Pottsboro in third place (also 4-2) and Commerce in fourth with its win over Mineola to claim the tiebreaker between the 3-3 teams.

Quitman will run out the clock to end the season with a 58-21 victory.