Letters to the editor

Posted 8/10/23

Dear editor:

What is going on at the Mineola Senior Apartments?

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Letters to the editor


Dear editor:
What is going on at the Mineola Senior Apartments?
We got a letter telling us we could no longer have bird baths or feed the birds. For some of the renters, the only friends they have is watching the birds eat and take a bath.
We can only have two chairs on our porch – some people like to visit others and talk and reminisce about old times. Some times there are five or six of us sitting on our porch.
The management is taking our only outlet for being with others. We should have the right to gather. If we want to now, we can’t because of the new rules.
And we can only have three plants in pots. Some of us like to take our plants inside during the winter. Some like to see the pretty flowers and plants.
All we want to do is enjoy our last years doing things we love to do. Now we can’t.
Patricia Burden

Dear editor:
I am a senior and live in a senior community in Mineola. Residents, including myself, are emotionally upset with the new rules.
Our freedom and enjoyment of life have been taken away with the updated rules.
The weather has been and still is dangerous to get out and dig up some plants and trim bushes, especially for seniors.
Our yards did not get mowed for 14 days which caused one resident to fall in a hole. We were afraid to walk across the yard, and it looked like it needed to be raked and baled.
There is a very nice community room, but we aren’t allowed to use it. No reason has been given. Residents were allowed (at one time) to have luncheons and play bingo.
A resident passed away here, and her son wanted to have a short memorial service for her friends who had no transportation to go elsewhere, and he was turned down.
We are denied putting up storm doors for our security.
This is wanted by most residents here. Storm doors would give us peace of mind.
We should be allowed to enjoy the beauty of flowers and plants (only 2-3). We can’t enjoy watching the birds eat nor can we have bird baths.
I heard that they cause roaches, but I don’t think that applies to these birds. We don’t have pigeons or starlings.
I think we are due more respect and instead we feel like we are living under dictatorship.
Corrine Page

Dear editor:
The Mineola senior community is acquiring new owners. The current owners are requiring flower beds to be dismantled.
Bottom line, the place is going to lose its appeal. The little old ladies are crying.
Also the current owners are not letting us use our community room since Covid. We wanted Bible study and a memorial service for a resident. We were denied.
The flower beds are to be taken out by Aug. 15. In this heat? There will be heat strokes or worse.
My concern is that the ladies and gentlemen living here have no voice in this situation. Many of the tenants have had a lot of joy sucked out of their lives.
Their flowers and socializing on their porches with other residents of the community is all they have left to enjoy. Take this away and they lose part of their purpose in life.
One of the things that makes this such an issue is that the senior citizens have been able to have their flowers and gardens for years.
Yes there have been a couple places that have gotten out of hand. But should military justice be dispensed on all?
Socialization and activities are required for seniors to maintain a purposeful life and good mental health.
Studies have shown that life expectancy increases for older people when activities and socialization are part of their lives.
The current owners aren’t even trying to work with us.
Pam Hollifield