Mayor to present Mineola history


Rodney Atkins presented a program on “African American Influence in Hawkins, Texas” at the Feb. 20 meeting of the Wood County Genealogy Society.

He is retired from the Tyler Public Library as a librarian after 25 years of service and is the library director at Jarvis Christian University. He has written several books on African American history and Smith County.

The next meeting is Monday, March 20 at 7 p.m. at the Quitman Pubic Library.

Jayne Lankford, mayor of Mineola will present “The History of Mineola.” Everyone is welcome.

Lankford has served on Mineola City Council and will be starting her second term as mayor in May.

She has volunteered at Mineola Youth Foundation serving as board member, coach, umpire, grounds, concession and anything else.

She furthered her umpiring career, becoming one of the first high school baseball umpires in Texas. Later concentrating on softball, she was elected the first president of UIL Tyler Softball Association. She retired from professional officiating after achieving a national level.