The action is on Friday night


The regular season of high school football is halfway over.

Mineola is 2-3, Quitman 3-2 and the Alba-Golden Panthers a perfect 5-0, 1-0 in distirct. Mineola and Quitman lost their district openers last week.

The Yellowjackets take a long bus ride tonight to the Red River valley to face the Cardinals of Pottsboro.

Alba-Golden hosts Honey Grove while Quitman has a road trip to Troup.

Pottsboro runs the ball 55 yards on the opening drive to lead Mineola 7-0.

A holding call negates Mineola's first play – a touchdown run by Dawson Pendergrass.

The next play is a Pottboro interception returned inside the Mineola 10.

The Cardinals score in two plays and the lead is 14-0, Pottsboro.

Again keeping the ball on the ground, Pottsboro puts togeteher a lengthy drive following a Mineola punt and it's 21-0.

Troup opens a 14-0 lead on Quitman.

First quarter ends in Pottsboro with the hosts leading Mineola 21-0.

Honey Grove strikes first to lead Alba-Golden 7-0.

Pottsboro gets a lengthy punt return to set up with a short field.

Four runs put the Cardinals in the end zone to lead Mineola 28-0 with more than nine minutes to go in the first half.

Alba-Golden trails Honey Grove 14-0.

Quitman is down 21-0 to Troup.

Pendergrass rips off a long run inside the Pottsboro 25.

Cason Davis gets it down to the 10.

Pendergrass gets the touchdown two plays later. 

Pottsboro 28, Mineola 7.

Pottsboro answers with a long kick off return.

Pottsboro needs four runs to score and stretch the lead.

Troup goes up 28-0 on Quitman.

Pottsboro 35, Mineola 7, 4:44 to go to halftime.

Troup goes up 42-0 on Quitman.

Alba-Golden gets on the board to trail Honey Grove 14-7.

Honey Grove comes back with a score to lead 20-7.

Pottsboro makes it six touchdowns on six possessions to lead 42-7 late in the first half.

Troup leads Quitman 49-0 at halftime.

Honey Grove has the haftime lead at Alba-Goden 20-7.

Mineola ends the half with a drive but no score. Pottsboro leads 42-7.

Alba-Golden gets a third quarter touchdown to pull within 20-14 of Honey Grove.

Troop 63, Quitman 0 after three quarters.

After a lengthy Pottsboro halftime ceremony, Mineola is just now retaking the field.

A Pendergrass run caps a strong Mineola drive to open the second half to pull within 42-13. Run for two is stopped.

Honey Grove adds a pair of third quarter scores to lead Alba-Golden 34-14 after three periods.

Pottsboro needs little time to answer Mineola and extend the lead to 48-13.

Quitman gets six points on the board and trails Troup 63-6. That's the final score.

Mineola puts together another drive as the third period ends, still 48-13, Pottsboro.

The Jackets turn it over on downs at the Cardinal 10. Pottsboro gives it back with a fumble.

The Panthers add a score to trail Honey Grove 34-20.

Tommy Trent gets a rushing TD for Mineola, 48-19 as try for two comes up short.

Mineola recovers another Pottsboro fumble.

Jackets turn it back on downs.

Final from Panther Stadium. Alba-Golden falls to Honey Grove 34-20.

Time runs out in Pottsboro as Mineola falls 48-19.