Wood County Sheriff’s Report

Posted 6/10/21

May 25

Deputy Linda Williams responded to a private road in the Alba area just after 6 a.m. in response to a suspicious vehicle. The locked vehicle was unattended and held a pair of boots along …

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Wood County Sheriff’s Report


May 25

Deputy Linda Williams responded to a private road in the Alba area just after 6 a.m. in response to a suspicious vehicle. The locked vehicle was unattended and held a pair of boots along with a wallet and cell phone which were visible on the dash. After unlocking the vehicle, Deputy Williams placed several phone calls to emergency contacts of the wallet’s owner and eventually learned the 16-year-old male was sleeping at a nearby residence. He was instructed by his mother, via telephone, to get in the truck and come home. He promptly complied. 

May 26

Deputy Andrew Rapp responded to the emergency room at UT Health Quitman for a dog bite. A three-year-old child had been bitten on the lip by a small dog after the child abruptly woke up the dog. The dog was found to be current on its rabies vaccination and will be home quarantined for ten days. 

May 27

Just after 3:30 a.m. Deputy Jaclyn Skinner responded to CR 3170 for a verbal dispute. Sgt. Austin Milbourn and Deputy Dustin Green responded. A man at the scene reported that his wife was intoxicated and under the influence of medication. He denied physical contact. The woman denied there had been a physical altercation but had an apparent bruise around her left eye; she claimed the man hit her two days prior. The woman did not wish to pursue the matter. The man agreed to leave the residence and left prior to the deputies’ departure. Due to the presence of children in the home, a report was made with CPS. 

Deputy Rapp was dispatched to a residence on PR 6938 for abandoned dogs. He met with the owner/landlord and was informed of multiple dogs left behind when the tenants vacated. Rapp noted the presence of one bowl of food and one bowl of water for five dogs. The owner advised there had been more dogs, but someone had removed some of them. There was also personal property belonging to the tenants remaining. The dogs were not deemed to be abandoned. 

May 28

Just before 12:30 a.m. Sgt. David Brown and Deputy McKenzie Chandler were patrolling in Alba when they observed a vehicle without a front license plate and attempted to initiate a traffic stop. The vehicle pulled into the parking lot of a business and drove behind the building. Both deputies observed what appeared to be an orange prescription pill container thrown from the vehicle. The discarded bottle was found to contain what appeared to be heroin. A probable cause search of the vehicle netted additional suspected heroin. Adam Cole Koch, 38, of Grand Saline was arrested and transported to jail. He is charged with possession of a controlled substance, penalty group 1, four grams or more, but less than 200 grams and tamper/fabricate physical evidence. 

Deputy Cole Hudson took a theft report from a complainant in the Winnsboro area. The man reported sheets of metal were missing, valued at almost $850. Cameras were present and the footage will be forwarded to investigators. 

May 29

Deputy Dustin Green initiated a traffic stop in the area of CR 3440 after witnessing a vehicle fail to signal. Upon contact with the driver, Green noted the man had red, bloodshot eyes and slurred speech; an open container of beer was visible. Field sobriety tests were conducted after which Danny Lynn Gore, 50, of Gilmer was arrested and transported to jail. The man’s blood alcohol content was later found to be more than twice the legal limit for driving. He is charged with driving while intoxicated, third or more.

Deputy Michael Allison was dispatched to CR 2150 for a report of arson. The complainant stated he had found the side of his vehicle to be on fire. The fire had been extinguished with bottled water but not before causing damage. A burn trail, about 6” by 20’, was found from the roadway to the vehicle. The man provided suspect information. The case has been forwarded for continued investigation.

Deputy Allison was dispatched to E. Hwy. 80 in the Mineola area for a family violence call. The female victim stated she had been struck on the arm and the deputy noted there was redness, slight swelling and minor bleeding. The male suspect was not located. The victim was uncooperative. This case has been forwarded to investigations.

Deputy Corbin Hanner and Sgt. Brown were dispatched to FM 515 in the Winnsboro area for a reported assault. A woman claimed she had been assaulted by a man and woman who were attempting to remove a cell phone from where she had it hidden in her shorts. Both suspects admitted to physically removing the phone from the woman. Each was issued a citation for Class C assault.

Deputy Brad Cox took a report of theft of a boat from a complainant on CR 3849. The man stated a female acquaintance asked to borrow a fishing pole and he had agreed. He later discovered his boat, along with the fishing gear it contained, missing. In its place he discovered the woman’s shopping cart. The man did not wish to pursue charges, just wanted his property returned. Cox was later able to track down the boat and the owner was able to retrieve it. This case is closed.  

May 30

Just before 12:30 a.m. Deputy Hanner was dispatched to a disturbance in progress on CR 4150. Before reaching the scene, Hanner encountered the suspect walking along the county road. He was found to be displaying multiple signs of intoxication. Colin Lenam Gilmore, 27, of Carlsbad, N.M. was arrested and transported to jail. He faces a charge of public intoxication.

Just before 1 a.m. Sgt. Austin Milbourn received a call regarding a disturbance involving a firearm near the boat ramp at Lake Holbrook. Milbourn, along with several deputies, located the actor who was reported to have had the gun. After speaking with witnesses it was learned the gun was never pointed at anyone, and the reporting party had only heard the sound of the gun being cocked. The man who had wielded the gun showed several signs of intoxication and was deemed to be a threat to himself or others. Timothy Charles Holdren, 33, of Greenville was arrested for public intoxication. The gun was released to a family member at the scene.

Sgt. Heather Bailey was dispatched to a residence on FM 2966 in reference to a disturbance. The complainant stated he had been hit in the chest by his husband during an altercation over unfaithfulness. Sgt. Bailey was able to locate the other man walking along the highway. He stated he just wanted to separate himself from the other man. He was given a courtesy ride to a motel. 

May 31

Deputy Jonah Croney was dispatched to CR 2169 in reference to an animal complaint regarding a snake inside a cabinet. Croney noted the reporting party was an older gentleman who was living in a camper with unsafe conditions. The camper had no running water due to the winter freeze, and the roof was caving in from water damage due to recent heavy rains. A search for the snake was completed with negative results. Croney made a report with Adult Protective Services concerning the man as well as his elderly mother who lives next door in a trailer.

Deputy Andrew Rapp was dispatched to CR 2697 to speak with a woman about threats she had been receiving via telephone from a male acquaintance. Rapp arrived to find the man at the woman’s property with a chain hooked to the front of the woman’s pickup. As the deputy watched, the man accelerated and dragged the woman’s truck, but did comply with Rapp’s orders to step out of his vehicle. At the woman’s request, the man was issued a criminal trespass warning for the property.