Wood County Sheriff’s Report

Posted 8/26/21

August 8

Deputy Corbin Hanner was dispatched to FM 2225 in the Quitman area for an inquest. A woman had gone to check on her elderly mother’s welfare and found her deceased. The death was …

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Wood County Sheriff’s Report


August 8

Deputy Corbin Hanner was dispatched to FM 2225 in the Quitman area for an inquest. A woman had gone to check on her elderly mother’s welfare and found her deceased. The death was believed to be due to natural causes.

August 10

Deputy Andrew Morrison was dispatched to CR 2177 in the Quitman area in response to an intoxicated man causing trouble. Morrison located the suspect on CR 2176 and noted he was on foot and stumbling. In speaking with the suspect, Morrison noted multiple signs of intoxication. Charles Dewayne Gilbreath, 37, of Quitman was arrested for public intoxication. The neighbor, who made the initial report, requested the man be issued a criminal trespass warning for his property. 

August 11

Sgt. Heather Bailey took a report of child endangerment from a Child Protective Services worker. According to CPS, the baby girl had been sent to Cook Children’s Medical Center in Dallas due her poor condition. This case remains under investigation. 

August 12

Deputy Michael Allison was dispatched to CR 2560 in the Mineola area for a burglary report. The party stated she had discovered the door to a second residence on her property had been forced open and three firearms were missing. The woman advised the residence is used by her adult son who is incarcerated. The woman was unable to provide Allison with make, models or serial numbers of the guns but valued them at $1,100. Allison also recorded information, provided by the woman, regarding a possible suspect. Allison later spoke with the woman’s son who seconded his mother’s suspicion. This case has been forwarded for continued investigation.  

August 13

Deputy Jonah Croney was dispatched to the C&C Country Store on SH 154 just before 10:30 p.m. to meet with a woman about finding her front door suspiciously open. The woman also stated she believed she had been followed while she and her children were on their way home from the water park. The woman was able to provide information regarding a possible suspect. Croney followed them home and cleared the house, as well as two campers. Croney walked through the house with the woman who stated she did not find anything missing. An incident report was completed at the woman’s request. 

Deputy Morrison was dispatched to SH 154 in the Quitman area for a possible inquest. Morrison was met at the scene by a neighbor of the victim. The neighbor stated he had been periodically checking in on the victim due to him recently being sick. Deputy Morrison observed the victim to be deceased and all proper authorities and next of kin were notified. 

August 14

Deputy Jaclyn Skinner, assisted by Deputy Croney, investigated a 9-1-1 hang-up call from an address on FM 17 in the Alba area. Skinner, while en route, made contact with a woman at the address via phone. The woman advised that her fiancé was the one who called 9-1-1. The woman stated that the man was having a difficult time believed to be caused by his multiple mental illnesses. After speaking with the man, the deputies concluded the man to be a danger to himself and/or others. He was transported to UT Health Quitman for evaluation under an emergency detention warrant. This case is closed. 

Sgt. David Brown responded to a report of a reckless driver on SH 154 in the Quitman area. Brown located the vehicle and noted the pickup was driving on the grassy area of the shoulder as well as crossing the solid yellow line. A traffic stop was initiated during which the driver admitted to having an illegal substance inside the vehicle. The substance was located; it field tested positive for heroin. The driver was taken into custody. John Thomas Rayburn, 32, of Tyler was transported to jail. 

Deputy Linda Williams was dispatched to an RV park on CR 1917 for found property. Williams met with the owners of the park who advised that one of their tenants had been arrested three weeks ago and friends of his came and picked up his belongings. The party stated he had kept the tenant’s gun with the intention of keeping it in exchange for the unpaid electric bill. The man’s wife, however, had decided she did not want the gun in the house and believed the best place for the gun was at the Sheriff’s Office. The owners were unable to provide the tenant’s last name or any other information. The gun was taken and secured at the sheriff’s office until such time as it is claimed by its rightful owner. 

August 15

Deputy Croney was dispatched to CR 3620 in the Hawkins area for an inquest in which the patient had tested positive for COVID-19. Despite efforts at resuscitation by family members and EMS, the patient was pronounced deceased. There were no indicators of foul play. The case is closed.

Deputy Williams responded to CR 3992 in the Winnsboro area for a report of criminal mischief. A man reported that his son had become angry and hit the reporting party’s truck with his fist which caused a dent. The man also reported that his son threw a pair of pliers at the truck’s windshield causing it to shatter and cover the inside of his truck with broken glass. His dog, which was inside the pickup at the time, was also covered with broken glass. The suspect had left the scene prior to Williams’ arrival. This case remains open.

August 16

Deputy Cole Hudson was dispatched to CR 2745 in the Mineola area for a disturbance. A woman reported she was attempting to leave the property in her car when she heard a “ping” and believed that her husband had fired a gun in her direction. Deputy Hudson spoke to the man who stated he had fired the gun at a raccoon in the direction of the woods. Hudson also noted the woman smelled of an alcoholic beverage and admitted to drinking. The woman’s husband agreed to leave the property for the night and was allowed to take the gun. Hudson was again dispatched to the residence an hour later when the woman called 9-1-1 several times. The woman refused to speak with him and requested another deputy. Sgt. Jeremy Smith spoke with the woman and had Hudson photograph the spent shell casing from earlier. The woman’s husband was contacted to return to the residence and he complied. CID Investigator Sgt. Jeremy Ragsdale arrived as well. The 9-mm handgun and magazine was collected and the man was directed to come to the sheriff’s office for a formal interview. 

Sgt. Heather Bailey was dispatched to a business on US Hwy. 80 in the Mineola area for a theft. The party stated he had just fired a man, and before leaving the property the individual took a red six-gallon air tank compressor and hose. The theft had been witnessed by two other men. This case has been referred for continued investigation. 

Deputy LaDawn McGee was dispatched to a residence on CR 4510 in the Winnsboro area for a dog bite. The victim stated his neighbor’s dog bit him on the foot two days prior while he was riding his motorcycle. The man stated he had not sought medical attention, nor did he feel the bite needed medical attention. The man also advised the dog in question had bitten his car tire three times causing it to go flat. McGee relocated to the dog owner’s residence and spoke with the owner who claimed to know nothing of the bite incident. The dog owner was issued a citation due to having no proof of current rabies vaccination. McGee also issued a dangerous dog notification due to the dog having multiple aggressive behaviors. 

Deputy Amanda Dollison requested a warrant be issued for a sex offender who had reportedly absconded. Dollison was able to confirm that the offender was no longer residing at the address he had provided to authorities in compliance with his registration requirements. The warrant has been issued and the offender’s status has officially been changed to “absconded” in the sex offender registration database. 

August 17

Deputy McKenzie Chandler was dispatched to UT Health Quitman for a report of a dog bite. The victim stated she was walking her dog on CR 3800 in the Hawkins area when another dog came out and began attacking her dog. The woman had been bitten attempting to separate the dogs. The victim stated she did not know who the dog belonged to and believed that it was possibly living in the woods. An incident report was completed for documentation purposes and this case was closed.

Deputy Chandler was dispatched to a business on FM 14 in the Hawkins area for a theft report. A woman reported that she had left her purse on a chair at the bar and went to the parking lot with a group of friends. While she was away, a male patron took the purse and later placed it on the bar before leaving the premises. Surveillance footage captured the incident. The woman’s driver’s license was missing from the purse. The case has been forwarded for continued investigation.

Deputy Michael Allison was dispatched to an address on US Hwy. 69 in the Mineola area for a possible dog bite. A woman reported that her neighbor’s two dogs had come inside her enclosed garage while she was in there. The woman reportedly talked to the dogs then turned away from them. She believed that one of the dogs possibly bit her on the hand but she was unsure. Allison did not see any signs of teeth marks or puncture wounds. The woman had only a light scratch near her knuckle. The woman informed Allison that she had already called her attorney and began a civil suit in the matter. Allison encouraged the woman to see her doctor if she believed she had been bitten. The dog’s owner was advised to quarantine the dog. This case is closed.

Deputy Brad Cox was dispatched to a residence on FM 778 in the Hawkins area for a burglary report. A homeowner advised the house had been burglarized several times in the past with nothing being taken. This time a 40” TV, valued at $500, was taken from the master bedroom. Cox was able to observe a shoe print on a piece of plywood which had been used to repair a broken window. The suspect(s) had broken out a second window to gain access and egress. This case has been forwarded to criminal investigations.

Deputy Allison was dispatched to a residence on CR 2245 for a civil matter. Allison found the reporting party with a large amount of blood on his arms and legs. When asked how he came to have blood on him, the man told a story of how there had been a man with a gun demanding payment from him. The man had reportedly fired several shots inside the residence. Allison noted the man was perfectly calm and smiling and was simply asking for a deputy to stand by while he removed his belongings from the house. EMS and a cover unit were requested to the scene. After further questioning, the man’s story changed leading the deputies to conclude the man was having mental health problems. He also admitted to smoking marijuana. When questioned, the man’s roommate advised there had never been another man with a gun and the blood on the man came from cuts caused by a broken window. The residence was searched for a firearm with negative results. The reporting party was not deemed to be a threat to himself or others and was released to a family member.