Wood County Sheriff’s Report

Posted 3/3/22

February 16

Deputy Jonah Croney, dangerous dog notification, three dogs, CR 1757.

Deputy Croney, animal bite, CR 1975, owner advised dog needed to be restrained.  

Deputy Benjamin …

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Wood County Sheriff’s Report


February 16

Deputy Jonah Croney, dangerous dog notification, three dogs, CR 1757.

Deputy Croney, animal bite, CR 1975, owner advised dog needed to be restrained.  

Deputy Benjamin Whisenhunt, check area of FM 1795 for shots fired.  

Deputy Croney, identity theft, suspicious activity on bill pay account.

February 17

Deputy Andrew Rapp, Sgt. Austin Milbourn, Deputy Croney, CR 2172, inquest, justice of peace and funeral home notified.

Deputy Melissa Pollard, assault,  PR 7631, employee responded to issue caused by two females, they were asked to leave and began physical altercation, forwarded to Criminal Investigation Division (CID).

Deputy Andrew Morrison, credit card abuse, Hwy. 80, charge refunded, forwarded to CID.  

Deputy Whisenhunt, vehicle parked, Hwy. 154, driver having mechanical issues.

Deputy Morrison, dog attacked by neighbor’s dog, ongoing issue, dog not on scene, owner stated would keep dog restrained.

Deputy Morrison, assault after the fact, incident between subject and husband, report filed.

Deputy Whisenhunt, PR 7631, criminal mischief, poured bleach and cut laces on shoes, forwarded to CID.

Deputy Pollard assisted individual pushing vehicle off roadway.  

Deputy Delton Graves, dog bite call at ER, dog’s owner advised dog not vaccinated, citation issued for failure to vaccinate, dog quarantined 10 days, dangerous dog notification issued.

Deputy Pollard, criminal mischief, CR 4870, fence post damaged, report forwarded to CID.

Deputy Morrison, dispute, PR 6304, nephew stole car key from brother, nephew did not have permission to drive car, report filed.

Deputies Whisenhunt and Morrison issued criminal trespass warnings on CR 2177 and CR 2175.

Deputy Graves, road hazard, CR 1920, vehicle partially in roadway, owner contacted, advised needed to be moved.

February 18

Sgt. Heather Bailey, FM 17, scam, subject scammed in attempt to get loan, report filed.

Deputy Rapp and Deputy Graves, welfare check, PR 8692, resident believed heard noises outside, area checked, nothing found.

Deputy Rapp checked welfare of driver who swerved to miss hog on road and got stuck in ditch, family in route to assist.

Deputy Brad Cox met man who wished to recall criminal trespass warning his late wife issued.

Deputy Cox, possible theft of water, Hwy. 37, by neighbor, unable to contact, will follow up.

Sgt. Bailey, FM 17, people riding ATVs in roadway, no ATVs located.

Deputy Cox, missing special needs person, FM 49, returned home after an hour, caregiver advised of Project Lifesaver.

February 19

Deputy Jeff Baldwin, scam call, subject sent large amount of money to someone they believed with Social Security for a warrant.

Sgt. Jaclyn Skinner, CR 1112, verbal dispute, several people highly intoxicated, disturbance had stopped, individuals separated for the evening.

Deputy Baldwin, CR 1813, disturbance, subject and boyfriend in verbal argument when things became physical.  

Deputy Jim Rapp, criminal trespass, FM 14, vehicle on property would not leave, property owner requested criminal trespass order.

Deputy Linda Williams, Hwy. 154, submerged vehicle, driver attempting to put boat in water, forgot to put in park, vehicle went into water, removed by on-call wrecker.

Deputy Rapp, sexual assault, PR 7631, forwarded to CID.

Deputy Williams, driver appeared to be having medical emergency, denied needing EMS.

Sgt. Bailey, pasture fire, CR 3193.

Deputy Cox, dog bite report, CR 3282, juvenile male victim, citation issued for failure to vaccinate, dog required to be in quarantine 10 days.

Deputy Cox, suspicious circumstance, someone keeps opening door to residence, no one found.

Deputy Baldwin, smell of burning plastic, CR 2930, subject believes drug activity going on.

February 20

Deputy Baldwin, theft, CR 1750, party stated had been scammed of large amount of money, report forwarded to CID.

Sgt. Skinner, CR 1602, vehicle with defective equipment, initiated traffic stop, drug paraphernalia located, along with a firearm. Megan Hudson, 34, of Mineola arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia and unlawful carrying of a weapon. Aimee Marie McCraw, 44, of Mineola arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia and prohibited substance in correctional facility.

Deputy Matthew Cooper, structure fire, FM 17, fire marshal contacted.

Deputy Williams, theft, CR 3580, wire stolen from location, report forwarded to CID.

Deputy Baldwin, possible runaway, CR 3540, juvenile located while deputy in route, report filed.

February 21

Deputy Cooper and Sgt. Jaclyn Skinner, CR 4200 , disturbance, verbal only, no one wished to file charges.

Deputy Cooper and Sgt. Skinner, disturbance, CR 1917, pieces of vehicle in roadway, broken glass and skid marks, vehicle leaving altercation hit another. Thomas Wayne Liles, 27, of Quitman arrested for fleeing police officer.

Deputy Croney, caretaker seeking information on how to best help elderly subject.

Deputy Milbourn, request to speak regarding shooting firearms on property.

Deputy Croney, motorist assist, FM 1795, driver had warrants. Tobey Ellen Wolfe, 49, of Kilgore arrested for Blue Warrant.

Sgt. Milbourn observed vehicle, Hwy. 80, equipment violation, smelled marijuana, methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia located. Kattie Lanette McKeithen, 40, of Pickton arrested, possession of controlled substance penalty group (PG) less than one gram. Canyen Shane Robinson, 22, of Pickton arrested for Blue Warrant and out-of-county warrant.

Deputy Morrison, CR 2290, criminal mischief, vehicle vandalized, report forwarded to CID.

February 22

Deputy Croney, theft, Little Acorn Cove, numerous items stolen, report forwarded to CID.

Deputy Morrison, CR 2290 criminal mischief, possible suspect named for vandalism, report forwarded to CID.

Deputy Andrew Rapp, follow up, PR 5295, criminal trespass, criminal trespass warning issued.

Deputy Rapp, theft, PR 8570, vehicle and residence broken into, several items stolen. Winnsboro Police Dept. arrested individual with property from this burglary.

Deputy Pollard, PR 8692, possible scam, subject paid for ATV by phone for item off website, realized it was a scam, forwarded to CID.

Deputy Whisenhunt, CR 4510, animal concern, individual asked by homeowner to get three dogs from residence since she was going to be gone a few days. Individual observed large number of dogs in crates with no food or water living in their own waste, appeared most of the dogs had not been outside in a while. CID responded.